If you’re like many homeowners, your attic is probably just a convenient spot to store old boxes, random items, and holiday decor. It makes sense that this out-of-site spot would become the go-to storage solution for modern homes. That being said, you can actually remodel your attic to give it value with a bit of TLC.


Turning your underused space into either a finished storage area or a living area in its own right can transform your property. Whether you’re hoping to sell your home fast or make greater use of the space you have, you should consider remodeling your attic to give it value.



Remodel your attic storage space


Renovation Options for Your Attic

What in particular can you do with your attic? When it comes to planning a remodel, it will all depend on your budget. The goal is to make sure your space is usable and accessible, whether it’s going to become a spare bedroom or additional storage space.


Too many people keep their attics unfinished, and this means they usually lack proper insulation and ventilation. Not only does this finishing your attic decrease your utility bill spending, but it will also add more square footage to your home.


Here are 3 options for how to renovate your attic to add value:


  • Accessible storage – The first option is also the least expensive. Adding proper insulation and ventilation will help make your attic more usable. From there, create accessible storage. By installing shelving, drawers, and other storage solutions, you can make it easier to keep your attic organized and accessible.
  • Cedar closet – Another option is to remodel your attic is to build a cedar closet. This is when you build a closet in the attic with cedar lining, helping to keep your clothes smell fresh and clean even when put away for the season. This adds big value to any home!
  • Finished room – Last but not least, you can build a finished room in your attic. This can serve as an additional bedroom, office, play area, or anything else you can think of. The key here is to make sure your space is properly insulated so it’s comfortable year-round.



How to Get Started Remodeling Your Attic

If you’ve decided to continue with your remodel based on one of the ideas above, you’ll need to follow the right attic remodeling steps to make sure you’re getting the process done right. When in doubt, consult a contractor as well as your city’s unique building codes.


  • Inspect your attic space – First, you need to have your attic inspected by a professional to make sure it’s up to code. Usually, you need to have at least two ways out of the space (staircase and window) and a 7-foot ceiling.
  • Flooring – Next, you’ll need to install flooring to add greater usability to your space.
  • Insulate – Because your attic is directly below the roof, it’s the first part of your home to lose heat and cool air. Properly insulating it with R-30 insulation in the ceiling and R-13 in the walls will help keep your attic cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Build storage – Depending on your goals for the room, it’s now time to make it functional. You’ll need to decide what to do with the corners of the room which are usually very low to the ground. You can install shelving, storage systems, or any other built-in that makes sense for your space.



Remodel Your Attic Confidently

A relatively inexpensive way to increase your home’s value is to remodel your attic. Adding livable or usable space to this upper area of your home can really unlock hidden potential.


Say goodbye to stuffing unwanted boxes and out-of-season clothes in your home’s closets or under beds. You have a whole new world to explore right about your living area. Remodel your attic to add value to your home that you can enjoy for years to come.