When it comes to remodeling, dining rooms are often neglected.  Though you might not spend an abundance of time in your dining room, the look and feel of this space matters a great deal.  If you are planning on selling your home in the next couple of years or sooner, remodeling your dining room could make the difference between an offer that meets or exceeds your asking price and one well below expectations.  Here’s how to remodel your dining room.



Start by Planning the Remodel

Do not dive headfirst into a dining room remodel.  Take some time to plan the remodel.  Pick up some books and home decorating magazines with examples of successful dining room remodels.  The images shown in these materials will give you the inspiration necessary to remodel your home’s dining room in a truly artful manner.



Remodeling the Dining Room’s Walls and Floors

A comprehensive dining room remodel addresses the walls and floors before anything else.  Add new color and possibly some texture to make the upper and lower-most portions of the room feel new.  Re-painting the dining room walls, ceiling and floors is a cheap way to liven up this space or at least change its aesthetic to something that feels fresh.  If you would like your dining room to feel more intimate, paint it a dark color. 


Homeowners who would like their dining room to segue directly into their living room will have to tear down a wall to create an open concept dining room.  Be sure to lean on a qualified remodeling expert for this project to ensure the wall is not load-bearing and there are not electrical wires or plumbing lines in the way.  Consider adding hardwood flooring to make your dinning room feel and look that much more refined.  The addition of narrow floor planks with a glossy finish will make the room feel modern.  If cost is your primary concern, add wall-to-wall carpeting and move on to the windows and lighting.





If your dining room has one or several single-pane windows, replace them with energy-efficient windows.  Though double and triple-pane windows are available for optimal insulation, they are comparably expensive.  Above all, your windows should add an element of style or at least provide an expansive viewing space to take in the natural beauty around your home.  Consider the addition of wooden blinds or other blinds that give you the ability to alter the amount of light let into the room.  Add drapes for layering, update the room’s lights and your dining room will have  a completely different feel.




Remodeling a dining room requires the addition of new furniture.  Consider your unique lifestyle, dining room space and intended room functionality when selecting dining room furniture.  Aside from the dining room table and chairs, you should also consider the addition of a bookshelf, storage cabinets, window seats and other fixtures.  Do not move forward with specific furniture or a room arrangement until the room is planned out on paper or screen with a detailed sketch/graphic rendition.  Aim for a furniture arrangement that maximizes the room’s aesthetic appeal as well as your family’s unique needs.  Once everything is planned out on paper, it is time to start working on the actual dining room remodel.



Give Your Dining Room That Extra Special Something

Your dining room remodeling project will feel that much more complete after decorative accents are added.  The addition of something as subtle as woven baskets, pillows, candlesticks, pottery or flowers can liven up this space that much more.  Add a few decorations to your dining room to top off its new look and you will find everyone in the house gravitates to this newly-beautified space.