Tired of your old wallpaper? Do you want to repaint before you sell your home?


If you’re ready to swap out your old wallpaper for new wallpaper or a new coat of paint, you’ll have to start by learning how to remove wallpaper from inside your home.


Fortunately, while you might think this process is too difficult to do on your own, it can be done fairly easily with the right tools. All it takes is a little bit of research to find the best way to do it.


By following these five steps, you can remove your wallpaper in no time.


1. Tape Around the Wall


To remove your wallpaper, you’re going to need to use water and soap on the surface of your wall. So, before you begin, be sure to use painter’s tape to protect the surrounding areas of the wall that you don’t want to get wet. Be sure to cover the trim and moulding with tape and use a tarp to protect the floor.


2. Peel


Depending on how old your wallpaper is, you may be able to peel some of it off without using any other tools or materials. You can also try using a taping knife to peel off the edge of your wallpaper.


Doing this will make it easier to remove the rest of your wallpaper later on.


3. Spray With Warm Water


Once you aren’t able to peel any more wallpaper by hand, you’ll  need to apply warm water to the surface. You can use a simple spray bottle to spray the wallpaper. This helps separate the wallpaper from the wall.


In some cases, if your wallpaper won’t separate from the surface, you may have to use a steamer to effectively remove the wallpaper. Some people suggest mixing warm water with equal parts fabric softener. Many hardware stores also sell wallpaper removal solution to help make this process easier.


4. Scrape


Once you have let it soak for a few minutes or so, you can begin scraping off the wallpaper. Use a taping knife or a scraper to gently scrape the wallpaper off of the wall. Be careful not to damage the material underneath the wallpaper. If the wallpaper isn’t coming off, you may need to reapply the warm water.


If you have multiple layers of wallpaper, remove the entire first layer before moving on to the additional layers.


5. Clean the Surface


Once the wallpaper is gone, be sure to wash the surface to remove any remaining wallpaper, primer, or other materials. This will help ensure that your new wallpaper or paint will be able to adhere to the wall effectively. To do this, simply use a damp sponge and go over the wall several times.


Once finished, be sure to let the wall dry overnight before applying more wallpaper or paint.


By following these five simple steps, you can easily remove your old, outdated wallpaper. Once finished, you can repaint the inside of your property to increase its value before you sell your home.