If you are buying or renting a new home, you can save a bundle of money by bundling home services (pun intended).  Between combining insurance coverage and utilities, homeowners have the potential to enjoy a massive financial savings if they play their cards right.   



Bundling is Mutually Beneficial for Homeowners and Service Providers

Service providers are eager to bundle services including insurance coverage as it really does make them that much more money in the long run.  As long as these businesses can retain homeowners as customers, bundling makes sense for both parties.  Bundling is beneficial to customers in that it reduces overall costs.  However, there is a chance you will not need all of the components of the bundled services so be sure to perform a thorough review of the proposed bundle before making a commitment.



Bundling Home and Auto Insurance  

There is no sense paying exorbitant rates for home and auto insurance through separate providers when you can enjoy each at a reduced rate through bundling.  Check with your insurance provider to determine if there are other forms of insurance you might need that can be added to the bundle to decrease your insurance costs that much more.  The larger your policy, the more your discount will be in terms of total percentage off.  Your homeowners insurance discount will likely exceed that of your auto insurance as houses are more expensive than automobiles.



Bundle TV, Internet and Phone Services

Though few people use landline phones, some of the top telecommunications providers are willing to provide steep discounts to those who bundle their TV, Internet and phone services in one tidy package.  There are also numerous discounts available for those who strictly use Internet and TV.  So don’t rely on different home service providers for these luxuries.  Consolidate these home services through a single provider and you really will save a substantial amount of money across posterity.



Bundling Utilities

Some homeowners have the opportunity to bundle home utilities.  Check with local utility providers to determine if it is possible to group your water, electric, gas and other utility bills together at a reduced rate.  Take a look at your first bundled utility bill and you will find it really is that much less than the costs of these services provided a la carte.  This financial savings and certainty will make it that much easier to create an accurate budget.



Bundling is Cheaper and More Convenient

The primary reason to bundle services is to save money.  However, bundling services also makes life that much more convenient.  Take a moment to think about how nice it will be to have the majority of your home services consolidated across a few providers.  You will receive a couple bills per month by way of email or snail mail.  Furthermore, you will spend less time paying these bills as you won’t have to fetch a series of usernames and passwords to log into your accounts and make separate payments each month.  The time savings really does add up over time.  As is often said, your time is your money.  Furthermore, if anything goes wrong at your property and you have to make a claim, it will be that much easier to contact a single insurance provider or other service provider as opposed to multiple providers.



Do Some Shopping to get the Best Bundle Rate

No two multi-service discounts are exactly the same.  Do not accept the first bundle offer you find.  Shop around, find the best price for bundled services and review the details of the offer in-depth prior to signing any paperwork.  Though it might make sense to simply add on another coverage or service with your current provider, you might be able to save that much more money bundling these services and/or policies with a completely new insurance provider.