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How To Save Money While Paying A Mortgage

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If you have a 15 or 30-year mortgage you’re probably looking for extra ways to save money. It doesn’t take much to end up with amazing monetary results. Some simple daily changes to your lifestyle can yield a vacation, gift, or more savings for you and set you up to win in the future.



Needs Vs Wants

Become aware of what you actually need versus what you actually just really want to have. Your wants are fleeting while your needs stick around. Becoming aware of the consequences will help you notice what is a want and what is a need. If there are major consequences to not having something then its a need, if there isn’t, then it is a want. If you’re spending money every time you want something then your bank account is going to suffer for it.


Don’t jump at the newest things always. Look at the year-old model, which will be half off, and then make your decision based on the question “Is the TV I own really not doing the job?”. It doesn’t have to always be a big thing like the latest TV or computer. Start to notice what your wants are and when you give in to them.


Change Your Diet

Reports show that families on average spend $150 a week eating out. Starting to eat in more and you’ll immediately start saving more money. This doesn’t mean picking up fast food and eating it at home. Start cooking your food and take it into work for lunch. Going out at lunch and spending money on a 10 dollar meal actually adds up quickly. Even once a week is $40 dollars a month. A side effect of this will also be a healthier you, which means a happier you. 



Save A Dollar

It’s an old method but one that works. If you start saving a dollar a day or 7 dollars a week, by the end of the year you’ll have $365. This can be the start of a vacation for yourself, a home improvement, or getting that TV that we talked about. You should be making more than a dollar a day so this should be accessible to anyone. It should be simple to set up through whatever bank you’re using so don’t waste a day and start as soon as possible.  


Leftover Budget Money

Check to see if you saved money this month on your budget. If you had 175$ for food and only spent $145 then put those $30 dollars towards savings. I know it’s hard to look at extra money and rationalize not spending it, but it’s what your savings needs. This can actually be the way you save most of your money once you slow down spending on your wants. 


Learning how to save money while paying a mortgage isn’t going to be easy. It’s a muscle you get to work out every day. You might not always succeed but if you keep at it, before you know it you’ll be thanking your past self for having self-control and systems in place to have you win. 

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