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How to Sell A Mobile Home Without A Title

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Selling a mobile home may seem like an easy proces and for the most part, can be an easy process. But on the contrary, selling your mobile home can be complicated if you don’t have the title. Fear not though, we can help you sell your home quickly even without a title! We can explain to you how you can sell your mobile home fast without a title:  


What to Know About Mobile Home Titles 

A mobile home title is a legal document that states that the owner owns the property. The title allows you to make modifications to the home or sell it to another party. Mobile homes are not affixed to permanent foundations (meaning they are not settled on a specific land that is owned). Mobile home are considered as moving houses, so they are issued the same as a automobiles. Mobile home titles are issued by the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) located in a specific state. The way it works is, when a owner of a mobile home sells his or her mobile home he or she will have to register it at the MVD. 



Is it Impossible to Sell A Mobile Home Without A Title? 

Aside from calling us here at National Cash Offer to help you sell your mobile home without a title, it is NOT impossible to sell your mobile home without a title. Although without the title, you can’t legally transfer ownership of the property the owner will just be the sole owner of the mobile home.  



How to Get A Lost or a New Title for A Mobile Home 

If you’re the owner of a mobile home and you’ve lost do not have the title, there are some steps you can take to get the document. Keep in mind though, that the following steps may bary from state-to-state, so be sure to check your MVD in your state to verify:  


  1. Apply for a Duplicate Title

The 1st step to apply for a duplicate title online. The application is usually available at your local MVD branch or online. 

  1. Complete the Application 

This seems easy enough after you download the application online. The information that you will have to complete, includes the information about the property, including manufacturer, model number and dimensions of the home. 

  1. Enter the Name of the Current Owner 

The next step is to enter your name and the names of any other registered owners of the property. You may also need to include the information of your bank if the if the mobile is going to be financed through them.

  1. Certify the Missing Title 

After that, certify that the original title is missing. Before signing the certification, you can specify if the original title has been lost, stolen or you do not have it. 

  1. Pay the Fee and Submit the Application 

The final step is, you will pay the replacement fee for the duplicate title and mail or submit the application. After you submit the application, you can typically check the status of your application online. 



National Cash Offer Can Help! 

National Cash Offer can help you sell a mobile home! Our experts have years of experience working with mobile home owners just like you!We can walk you through the process and help you sell the mobile home you don’t want or need! 

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