Including furniture in your home can help you sell it fast and for a higher price. Most buyers prefer to view fully furnished houses for sale in Arizona because they can grasp the dimensions of the rooms. They can also plan on how to incorporate their furniture into the home.


The practice of selling fully furnished houses in Phoenix is quite common in the real estate market and very easy to achieve. Nevertheless, it can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to go about it.


This article helps you understand how to sell your house fully furnished in Arizona.


Why Sell Your Home Fully Furnished?


The benefits of selling your home furnished include:


You Have a Predictable Target Market


Listing a fully furnished house ensures you attract tenants who are not only interested in such a home but can afford to buy it. Your target market includes young families, young professionals, students with no furnishings.


Eliminates The Stress of Moving


Moving is a stressful and overwhelming ordeal for any seller. Selling houses in Phoenix fully furnished allows you to pack a few bags and be on your way.


Allows You to Start Over


You may want to start anew and change the décor and style of your new home. Leaving your old furniture in your home while selling could help you achieve that.


You Save Time and Money


Moving heavy pieces of furniture, more so for long distances, is very expensive. It is also a time-consuming process. Selling your home furnished eliminates these barriers so you can sell your house fast.


You Can Sell for a Higher Price


Fully furnished houses for sale in Phoenix AZ, cost more than empty ones. Because you are saving your buyer the stress and cost of furnishing their new home, you can sell your house for more money.



Steps for Selling Your Home Fully Furnished


Now that you know why selling your house fully furnished is a great idea, let’s look at how to go about it. To sell your home fully furnished:


1. Get an Experienced Real Estate Agent


If it’s your first time selling a house fully furnished, you don’t want to do it alone. A professional agent can guide you through the process and help you weigh its pros and cons.

Your agent will help you determine if your furnished home is the right fit for the local market. If not, they can help you target the right buyers for your property.

Additionally, an experienced agent will offer insights and ideas on how to prepare your home for sale by improving its curb appeal.


2. Declutter and Adjust


Appealing and tasteful furniture can be a major selling point for your home. A set up that works will sell more quickly and at a higher price. It is vital to present your home as customizable. Help your potential buyer envision themselves living in the house.

To do this, you have to make the best use of space without doing too much. Fight the urge to keep every piece of furniture as this might make the house feel too crowded.

You should also identify the pieces that are in style and excellent condition and make sure to highlight them. Remove anything damaged, out of date, worn, or that clashes with your house’s overall flow.

Where you are not sure, talk with your real estate agent to help you adjust your home’s decor to boost your sale.


3. Identify Your Target Market


Fully furnished houses for sale in Arizona attract specific pools of home buyers. Consequently, there are several target markets for them. It is vital to identify your target market so you can tailor your marketing strategy to reflect their needs.

One is where properties are sold as investment properties or vacation homes. Such houses are usually located in remote destinations and can be expensive and time-consuming to decorate. The buyers prefer houses they can rent out or move into without needing to buy furniture and décor.

Another market where furnished homes are popular is the luxury market. High-end buyers prefer to save effort and time by buying well-designed, fully furnished, turnkey houses for sale in Phoenix AZ.

The third target market is first-time homebuyers who don’t want to buy furniture or out-of-state buyers who don’t wish to move theirs across the country.


4. Stage Your Home


Some sellers worry that staging their homes with furniture will make them appear smaller. On the contrary, including a pared-down selection of great pieces will make your house appear larger. It will give prospective buyers an idea of how they may arrange their furniture or customize a new look.

The best way to ensure your staging is a success is to involve your agent and a staging professional with a keen eye for interior design. The professional will pick out the pieces that may motivate your sale from those that may deter it.


5. Photograph and Market


A marketing strategy is critical to your sale. After identifying your market, you want to reach out to your potential buyers and gain their interest. The goal is to direct as much foot traffic to your home as possible.

Most likely, your agent will advertise your listing through the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and their social media or website. They may also use realtor websites, make phone calls, contact prospective buyers, alert other agents, and arrange open houses.

As a seller, you should make sure to take clear, high-quality photos of your home from all angles. You can also include video footage to attract even more buyers.


6. Set the Price


Numerous factors go into determining the selling price of houses in Phoenix, especially furnished ones. While you can sell your furnished house for a higher rate than an unfurnished one, asking for too much can drive away buyers.

Remember, your potential buyer isn’t as attached to your furniture as you are. They may not even take to your style. If this is the case, the scales may tip in your buyer’s favor.

Additionally, it may be challenging to compare the price of a furnished home to other homes recently sold or currently on the market.

Some agents will value and sell the decor and home separately. Others may bundle it together as a total selling price.

Your best bet is to consult with your real estate agent to come up with an ideal listing price for your home.



Final Thoughts


People have different preferences, tastes, and attitudes on décor and furnishing. Therefore, present houses for sale in Arizona in the most appealing way. Otherwise, they may become a deterrent to buyers.

Spacious rooms look and feel bigger, so place any items you don’t use daily in storage.

Two, neutralize your home. Remove anything with too personal a touch. You can replace art, photos, or ornaments with neutral pieces like a vase.

Finally, remember that your potential buyers may not have children or pets. Clear any litter trays or toys.