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How to Sell My House with a Credit Card Lien

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A credit card lien is when a third party debt collector puts a lien on your home because of the credit card debt you may have. It is EXTREMELY important that you avoid this because it can damage your credit and it make it impossible for someone who is looking to sell their home.



Credit card debt is almost inevitable when trying to build your credit. Many times someone can get into credit card debt if they are low on funds and/or may forget about the due date. This can be problematic when trying to sell your home when you are in credit card debt and you have a credit card lien. When a potential future home buyer is looking to sell their old home, but may have credit card debt and a poor credit score then the third party debt collector can put a lien on your home for collateral.


If by chance this happens to you, and there is a judgment held against you we suggest you to call us and we can help! The judgment from a debt collector can cause a whirlwind of issues when you are trying to sell your home. We can help you and can take care of any credit card lien that you may have.

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