Between December and March lie the colder months where people want to stay indoors as much as they possibly can. If you decide to put your home on the market during the winter, you really need to be able to catch someone’s eye.

To help you strategize and create a successful home selling plan for the winter, we want to let you in on a few of the weaknesses that the winter season can give a home.



Show the Best Side of Your Home


One of the most difficult things about trying to sell your home in Arizona during the winter is the loss of curb appeal. All of that beautiful landscaping that you worked so hard on, including the flowers, trees, and shrubs, have all disappeared. The only things you have left are brown grass and empty branches.

If you live up North, you also might be dealing with a ton of snow sitting on your property, which can cover up any beautiful landscaping that you have left. If you try and snap some pictures of your home while it is in this condition, you may actually deter homebuyers from wanting to come and check it out.

Of course, remedying this type of problem is quite difficult if you don’t plan for it ahead of time. Your best bet is to take some photos of it prior to winter so that people can see what it l0oks like before the winter hits. We recommend photographing your home during the spring or summer.

If you don’t change anything on the exterior, there is no problem with having photos that are a few months old.

If you can’t take photos early on, however, just try your best to remove your yard of dead plants and leaves, and maintain upkeep as best as you can to optimize your curb appeal.



Let the Light Shine


Winter can be a difficult time to sell due to the absence of natural light. In most places, you won’t get any more than 12 hours of natural sunlight during the day in winter.

The lack of natural light can present you with photography problems, including dark corners of your home or shadows that create an unflattering aesthetic.

To remedy this issue, we recommend installing artificial lighting. Install a few lighting pieces in your landscape or thoughtfully place some lamps in your home.



Ho-Ho-Hold Off On Those Christmas Decorations


One golden rule if you are selling your home in Phoenix is always to make the space look as generic as possible. Essentially, a place shouldn’t be a display of your colorful personality. A potential buyer wants to visualize himself or herself living there. A thousand string lights and a giant inflatable Santa Clause might not paint the picture they want.

If you’re someone who often goes all out for the holidays, we recommend toning it down this time around. Of course, you don’t have to be a Scrooge. Just take a subtler approach to decorating so that you don’t deter someone from moving in who might not even celebrate the same holiday as you.