Summer is right around the corner.  This is the perfect time to sell a home.  Prepare accordingly and you will get top dollar for your digs.  Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you maximize your home’s value during a summer sale.



Illuminate the Entire House

Do not assume the summer sun will be shining on the entirety of your home when it is shown to prospective buyers.  Make sure the real estate agent knows where all the light switches are and how to control the lights in each portion of the home.  Otherwise, buyers won’t know what they are bidding on! 


Consider leaving the lights on the night before the showing so the house is ready for review before the real estate agent shows up.  This way, if the agent is late, he or she won’t have to search around for the home’s light switches.  A well-illuminated home is that much more visually pleasing and likely to inspire lofty offers.



Water the Lawn

There is just about nothing worse than a yellow or brown lawn for a summer home showing.  Your lawn should be a lush shade of green in the front and back.  Though maintaining a green lawn is challenging, you will not maximize your home’s value unless the front and back yard are an immaculate shade of green.  Get the yard work done ahead of time so the house looks its best for a showing, even if the temperatures approach triple digits.




The Home Should Smell Good

If your home has a musty odor, an odor from a pet or anything else that could prove off-putting, take care of it before the showing.  Kitty litter has the potential to prove especially odorous in the summer months.  If you have a pet, consider relocating him or her during the showing so prospective buyers are not exposed to pet odor.  If possible, add a comforting smell to the house by baking an apple pie or chocolate chip cookies.  Leave these treats out on the dining room or kitchen table for house shoppers to enjoy.



Clean the Windows and Front Door

Wash the windows and front door before the home showing.  Clean the interior and exterior of each point of entry to ensure guests are greeted with absolutely spotless glass.  Make sure the windows are still sparkling on the morning of the scheduled home showing to maximize visual appeal.



Start Your Summer Vacation the Day of the Home Showing

You should not be anywhere near the house when it is being shown.  Get out of town so house shoppers can come and go as they please.  Clear everyone away from the property, take a short vacation and you just might come back to a bidding war that sends the price of your house skyrocketing higher and higher in the days to come.  Even if you hate leaving home, be sure to get out of the house no matter what during the property showing as many buyers will hesitate to look at the home if they know the seller will be on-site.



Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

People will question whether your home’s air conditioning system works properly if the property is not at a comfortable temperature.  Do not attempt to save money on your utility bill by leaving the air conditioner at 80 degrees.  Put your central air at a comfortable 72 degrees so guests feel as though they are visiting a true home.