There are a lot of online listing platforms on the web to list your home for sale, but is eBay one of them? eBay is known for quirky, unique finds, but is it also a legitimate place to list your home for sale? While it might sound a bit crazy, there’s a surprising amount of real estate available for sale on eBay at any given time, proving this is a popular method of buying and selling property.


While it might be complicated and a bit legally complex, it’s possible to sell your home on eBay. According to eBay’s Real Estate Policy, real estate listings on the platform are not legally binding offers to sell the property. Because local laws govern how the sales of real estate work, it’s impossible for eBay to actually be a selling platform for the full transaction of a home sale.


However, eBay can be sued as a form of advertising when it comes to selling your home. In fact, eBays unique listing features might even make it one of the most functional ways to approach selling your home. In this guide, we’ll explain how to sell your home on eBay.


How to sell your home on eBay


Benefits of Selling on eBay

First, let’s address why you might choose to sell on eBay in the first place. With so many other listing services, why go with one that’s clearly not designed for real estate? In short, the more the marrier. Listing your home for sale on multiple listing services is a great way to increase your exposure.


In addition, eBay reaches a different audience of home buyers. While you aren’t likely to find local families shopping for a forever home on eBay, it is ripe with real estate investors. That means if you have a home that’s prime for flipping, this is one of the best places to list it.


eBay’s unique features include unique ad formats. You can choose the Classified Ad format or an auction format. If you use a Classified Ad format, there won’t be any bidding. This means interested buyers will fill out a contact form so you’re able to contact them on your own. If you use the auction feature, you’ll need to remember that no home transactions can actually take place through eBay. You’ll need to organize the actual sale outside of the platform.


Listing Your Home on eBay

Now that you know why eBay is a legitimate option, let’s discuss how to actually get started. First, realize that when you list on eBay, you’re selling your home “for sale by owner.” This means you won’t have a real estate agent, and you’ll be responsible for marketing your home by yourself. While you might save in real estate fees, you’ll also need to remember that eBay charges their own fees and marketing can be a complicated process, especially if you’re new to real estate.


Though it might sound strange, you list your home on eBay just as you would any other item on eBay. To start, you’ll need to create an eBay account. From there, follow these steps:


  1. Log in to your eBay account or create a new account.
  2. Click “Sell.”
  3. Type keywords related to your “product,” in this case your home.
  4. Because it’s hard to find similar “products” for a home, click “Create a new listing” rather than finding a similar item through eBay’s search platform.
  5. Add as much information to your listing as possible. Include the location, photos, and choose your listing type.
  6. Click publish to make your listing live.
  7. Update your listing as needed, and respond to prospective buyers.


That’s all there is to it. Make sure you educate yourself about local real estate laws before you sell your home on eBay. There’s a lot to know about local regulations and requirements if you want to avoid a legal situation.


Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if selling on eBay is a smart real estate choice. Depending on your market and your goals, eBay can be a surprisingly powerful tool. Now that you know how to sell your home on eBay, there’s nothing getting in your way of finding the homebuyer you’ve been waiting for.