If you are planning on selling your home, give some consideration to a non-traditional route such as Redfin.  Redfin is a brokerage that makes use of the latest tech to connect sellers with as many home-seekers as possible.  The aim of Redfin is to sell a home for the maximum amount of money as quickly as possible.  Redfin’s fees are a mere 1%-1.5%, making the service quite the bargain.  Here’s a quick look at how to sell your home on Redfin.



Connect With a Redfin Agent

Redfin agents are experts in the local market.  These specialists provide important insight about the home selling process including local buyers, all of which is supported with accurate data.  The agent will not pressure you to sell.  You get to steer the process and accept an offer when it meets your standards.  Each Redfin agent serves as a customer advocate, striving to pinpoint the perfect buyer for a transaction that proves mutually beneficial to both parties.



Gauge Your Home’s Selling Price

Use the Redfin Estimate to get an idea of what your home is worth based on current market data.  Redfin gathers all the important details on home sales to give sellers and buyers a good idea of what local properties are going for.  Redfin also provides a helpful Price Whisperer tool that provides pricing feedback from those looking for a home similar to yours.  Once you have an idea of what your home will likely sell for, meet with your agent to identify the optimal time to list the property. 



Prepare and Stage the Home

Walk through the entirety of the home to identify areas for improvement.  Address the most pressing repair projects and consider updating outdated aspects of the home before listing it.  Be sure to have your home professionally photographed to boot.  Work with a Redfin agent and you will be provided with professional photos of your home at no extra cost.  Keep in mind you only get one chance to make a solid first impression with prospective buyers.  Redfin advises using a high-quality camera lens to get just the right shot.  High-quality home pictures have the potential to make a difference of thousands of dollars in the sale price. 



Review the Offers

Once your home is clean, updated and ready to go, it is time to list it and show it.  The worst mistake you can make is asking too much.  If your asking price is too high, you will eventually drop the price and attract negative attention.  Set the price at a reasonable level, promote the house on the web through Redfin and your property will be shown to millions of people who visit the company’s website, use its app and read the monthly email newsletter.  Redfin even lest you track the number of views your listing receives.  The Redfin Home Dashboard empowers sellers to see exactly when others view their home listing as well as the number of buyers looking for homes similar to yours.



Negotiate the Right Process and Complete the Closing Process

If someone is interested in buying your home, their agent will reach out to your Redfin agent.  Provide input throughout the negotiation process, strive for a fair deal and you will eventually reach an agreement.  The next step is the closing process.  The home will likely be inspected, appraised, financed and so on.  Your Redfin agent will speed the process along, help you save money and ultimately ensure you accept a fair offer for your home.