When selling your home you always want to get the biggest return possible. A way to do that is to sell your home without a real estate agent. This might be intimidating but when you sell privately you have complete control over the sale of your home. 


A real estate agent might have many other clients besides yourself so you can give your home your whole attention. No having to go back and forth with someone over decisions that need to be made. If you have the time for it, selling privately is an excellent option, and here are the steps to do it. 


Be 100% Ready To Move

Don’t expect to wait a month or two before you move. Have the majority of your things ready to go so that you don’t have to rush when the time comes. Clients hate having to wait any longer than already agreed upon so have any of your personal moving details ready and handled. 


Find Your Price

Check your homes price through various online websites that provide that service for free. Compare it to other homes around in the area and what nearby amenities your house has. This part gives you a goal to head towards when selling and will decide who you attract. 


Fix the Obvious

Crack in the ceiling? Mold above the shower? It’s past time you fix these issues because when your list your home you want nothing holding back a buyer. They will either be turned off and wonder what else you’re hiding or ask you to fix it anyways. Take the time to make your home look stunning.


List Your Home

Find the right website that works for you and put your home up for sale. Websites can typically charge a flat rate, plus the cost of services, such as listing photos and creating a yard sign. Don’t just wait around though, keep working on your house with any spare time you have.


Get an Offer, Get an Attorney

Typically real estate agents handle the contracts and paperwork when selling a home. You’re going to want to find an attorney who knows how to draft these papers and mind any other legal business that should be taken care of. 


Close a Sale

Be available for any open houses potential buyers might request and be open to any request they ask for.  Once a buyer is ready to close the sale need to hire an escrow or title company to take care of the closing process.


Seems like a lot of hiring? It is, but still after all of this is complete you stand to make a bigger profit than hiring an agent. You’ll be running the show and have total control over any decisions and have upfront contact with the buyers. Who knows, you might even find a passion for selling homes?