It time to take you and your furry companion with you onto your next journey in life. However, you have noticed there are some areas around the house that need cleaning thanks to your furry friend. These issues range from the small to the monstrous and know where to begin can be difficult. Is it even worth repairing and can you get by without taking any action? How do you even show your house with pets around?


What Issue Do Homebuyers Have With Pets?

There are a few reasons why potential homebuyers don’t even want to mess with a seller who has pets. These issues need to be treated legitimately because unfortunately, not everyone shares the love for pets as much as you. A homebuyer is a homebuyer and you don’t want to cut off anyone who potentially wants to buy. The things that would make a homebuyer uncomfortable around pets are:


Nervousness. Some people are just really anxious around pets of any kind. They see them as unpredictable and wild.


Fear. This surpasses nervousness and causes someone to experience complete fear. This might be caused by a bad experience in the past with animals.


Unknown. They might even be pet owners themselves but they don’t know your pet. Around their own pets, they typically know what to expect but around others, they start to feel uneasy.



owning pets and selling your home


What Do You Do With Your Pets?

You may have decided not to leave your pets around when you’re showing the house so now what? There are many options that are very viable to give a clean solution to this problem.


Board. This can be a great option if you’re planning on showing the house all day or all weekend. During that time it’s best to keep your pets away.


Friends. Maybe your pets are friendly with your friends? This is a great option if you have stellar friends willing to do this for you.


Go out. If you know when you’re showing the house take your pets out for a bit to a local park. Make a thing out of it for a few hours. Your pets will love it and so will your realtor.



Time To Clean

No pet is 100% clean, heck we humans are rarely 100% clean. It’s time to get those stains out of the carpet. Many homeowners say that a dirty carpet is a sign of a dirty home. This is the reason why many realtors suggest getting your carpets professionally cleaned. Where to start?


Carpet. Like mentioned before the carpet sends signals to the homebuyers about how much you care about maintaining your place. Clean up those pet spots as much as you possibly can and if you have to get new carpet it can potentially be worth it.


Odor. Pets cause odor and if you live with them you probably don’t smell it anymore. Bring someone over who doesn’t smell your house often and let them give you feedback on the smell. Start to take action and clear out the odor through candles and anti-pet odor sprays.


Scratches. This includes carpet, tile, and furniture. You want to create the illusion for the homebuyer that they can see themselves living there. Anything that can throw them off is something you should fix.



Have Fun

If you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right. Enjoy the process of cleaning and moving and make it fun for you and your pet. It’s a stressful time for them too so add joy for both of you!