So you’re finally ready to part from your memorable mobile home are you?


Thousands and thousands of people sell their homes every year, so you’re not the only one trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, you have a few other variables to worry about considering the unique character of your home. In this guide, we’re going to go through some of the best ways to sell your mobile home according t o your situation.



Entice Your Potential Buyers

The home buying process isn’t really a spontaneous one. People will sometimes spend months just looking for the home that best fits their needs. Adding the “needing to be moved factor” on top of the mobile home buying is just another cost for the potential buyer, and one that isn’t so enticing to say the least.


Here are a few things you could do to show that you care:



Make Arrangements for the Moving Situation

It’s in your best interest to start calling around when a potential homebuyer reaches out to you. Find some good local mobile home movers, call them, and see if you can get a quote for the full move. If you really want to show your potential buyer that you’ve put in work, we recommend calling a few and comparing prices. In doing so, you’ll be able to give the potential buyer a better estimate of their overall moving costs instead of hoping they’ll take a shot in the dark.



Mobile Home That Is Moving


Pay For the Move

Helping with the home moving cost can help you sell your home much faster. You can either pay the entire moving fee or see if they’d be willing to split the cost with you. There are some parks that will even pay to have a mobile home moved in, so set your sights on those if possible.



Tidy Up

Make sure to spend plenty of time cleaning and fixing up any cosmetic damage before potential homebuyers come over to take a look at your mobile home. If there are damages you can’t afford to fix, don’t stress. There is, however, no excuse for not sweeping or wiping down the place so that it looks like new when they arrive.

Sweep the floors, wipe the window, wash the cupboards, trim the yard, and get rid of any clutter or eye sores. Keep your place well lit and inviting. Get rid of that house smell that you don’t notice anymore because you’ve been living in it for so long. Do all of this before you take pictures as well. A great set of pictures can have an incredible impact on someone’s willingness to purchase your home.




If you’re having trouble finding the right buyer, you can call some local mobile home parks and see if they have anyone who is looking to buy right now. If they have an office, you can make an inquiry to see if you can post up a small informational flyer so that residents or potential buyers can see your mobile home firsthand.

Have you ever sold a mobile home that needed to be moved? Maybe you were a mobile home buyer? Let us know your experience in the comments!