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How To Set A Timeline For Selling Your Home

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Selling a home is not something that you want to do in a hurry. Of course, circumstances change, and sometimes it’s not possible to have that same planning and preparation.

Of course, if you do have some time and you want to know where to get started when coming up with a proper home selling timeline, we’re here to help.

Follow these steps below to set the timeline for your home sale:



Right Now

Start by picking your date. Decide when you want to sell your home. There are good and bad times to sell your house, though it truly depends on what area you live in, what kind of home you have, etc.

We recently wrote a blog on how the seasons can affect the way a home sells that we highly recommend you check out.


Two Months Prior To Listing

Two months before you list, you should start doing some research on your local market. Compare prices and start getting a ballpark price in mind for your home. Try and visit some open houses if you can and gather some ideas for the staging process.



Six Weeks Prior To Listing

Suppose you are planning on hiring a real estate agent. Six weeks before listing is the time to do so. Begin interviewing candidates. Don’t just pick the first person you meet with. Find someone that makes you feel comfortable and someone that you can confidently work with.

Once you have settled on one person, you can begin working out your agreement and get a marketing plan together. Ask if you need to consider additional remodeling or repairs.

After having that discussion, start sprucing up your house. Fix cosmetic problems, repair non-functional elements, wash or paint the interior walls, etc. Now is a good time to be honest about what you need to do.

There is no need to remodel the entire bathroom, though if you have some massive water stains around your toiler, you may need to consider redoing the floor.



One Month Prior To Listing

Start packing up your house one month prior to listing. A home that isn’t loaded with personal knick-knacks sells much better. Move your stuff into a storage unit or your new place if possible.

Talk to your neighbors and let them know you’re heading out. Who knows, they may have some friends looking for a new place right now.



Two Weeks Prior To Listing

Continue cleaning and decluttering your place. You want your home to look like a model home if you can. Make sure the function of every room is clear.

Start checking your financial status. Clear up any property liens and figure out where your sales proceeds will go.



One Week Prior To Listing

Begin marketing your home. Hire a real estate photographer and get some good pictures. Consider a video walkthrough. Talk to your agent and work with them to create an accurate description of your home.



List Your Home!

It’s finally time to go live. Put up a sign outside your home, as well as flyers, photos, a description, and more. Hopefully, some offers will roll in.

If you don’t feel like you are getting enough offers, you may need to reconsider the price. Be responsive to the market, and you’ll get the best price for your home.


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