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How To Tour Houses in Sacramento during Coronavirus

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House sales have sharply reduced during the Coronavirus pandemic due to fears and lockdowns. There are hardly any open house viewings currently as more people are following the government directive of isolation and social distancing.


However, some people are searching to buy houses during this pandemic. How are they supposed to go about it? How do you get to view and tour houses for sale? If this is the current situation that you find yourself in right now, then you have come to the right place.


People selling houses have, however, found a way to showcase houses despite the COVID-19 lockdown. This means that you can get to view and tour houses for sale without having to physically be there. Now, this comes as excellent news in a time when home buyers were wondering what the next step was.


Houses for sale in Sacramento, for example, can be viewed virtually using the latest 3D video tours. Although real estate is taking a huge blow in times of sales right now, experts are predicting that the industry will bounce back once it adapts to new house viewing technologies.


In this article we are going to talk about the technologies used by people selling houses to ensure they can showcase their houses. These virtual tours can be conducted quite easily from a Smartphone device which makes everything that much more convenient.



Technologies used to achieve virtual tours


1. Panoramic pictures

The simplest option that home sellers are currently using is panoramic pictures. The advantage of panoramic pictures is that they showcase full-length images of a particular room complete will all the shapes and features. The panoramic images are great when showcasing houses that have distinct features or that overlap to the next room.


Panoramic pictures help home buyers get a clear picture of the house shape and how the different rooms match with each other. Many houses in Sacramento have distinct features that can be displayed quite wonderfully thanks to panoramic images.



2. Recorded videos

Some house sellers have resorted to recorded videos that let you view the entire property just the same as you would a face to face tour. These are high-quality videos that walk you through the entire house with some have notes on the top to prospective buyers know more about the property.


With the recorded videos, you get to leave comments on the bottom so that the seller can get back to you. The comments and answers are public which ensure that other buyers get to go through them and understand everything about the property better.



3. Virtual open house hosting on YouTube

Technology has evolved so much in the recent past and some home sellers are using this to their advantage. Some homes in Sacramento are showcased through live stream YouTube events. Prospective buyers simply need to visit the YouTube channel at the same time where they can all take part in a real-time live tour.


The good news is the comments are left in real-time ensuring that everybody gets all the information they need. YouTube live tours make the house selling quite interesting and you could end up making some good profit since interested parties view the property at the same time.



4. 3D home tours

Some companies such as Zillow, have incorporated a new 3D house tour technology. According to their website they increased their creation of 3D home tours by 191% in March compared to the average number in February.


With the 3D home tours, buyers get a true picture of the house they want to buy right at their homes which is pretty cool if you ask me. Although not a lot of homes for sale in Sacramento have adopted the 3D home tours, the number is expected to rise soon.


With 3D home tours, the sellers need to resort to hiring creative realtors who are adopting this technology. The realtor companies will take over the house sale and market it for you thus giving you some peace of mind.


The 3D home tours allow the prospective buyer to view a dozen homes within a short period which saves a lot of time. Equally, they get to view more houses which means that the probability of finding the dream house is increased further. Experts predict that 3D home tours may just be the revolution that real estate needed. For example, you could view a dozen homes for sale in Sacramento within minutes and therefore finding the best won’t be hard anymore.



5. Robots

Some home sellers give prospective buyers home tours using robots. Once the buyer gets to the home, they are met with a robot that has a screen. The real estate agent speaks though the screen while leading them through the property.


One of the real estate companies that are embracing the use of robots is Zenplace. The robots ensure that the real estate agent and prospective buyers don’t interact physically during the entire tour. Social distancing is better maintained due to robots, which are equally quite effective.


As a prospective buyer, how amazing does a robot tour sound like? Whether you want to buy a home in Sacramento, New York, Arizona, California, or any other place, a robot tour sounds interesting.




One of the most stable and sound investments has always been property. Yes, the real estate markets are bound to experience a huge recession. However, the Coronavirus pandemic will pass and the markets will bounce right back up. Experts are predicting that the property market will recover and stabilize once the COVID-19 pandemic is dealt with.


However, this does not mean the real estate market has fallen completely. Those looking to sell and buy property use the virtual methods listed above to conduct business. It is expected that the virtual home tour technology industry will rise further and this might revolutionize real estate completely. Even after the Coronavirus pandemic is long gone, the virtual home tours will remain a significant part of the property market. Let us know whether you found this information helpful in your search for a home.

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