Who doesn’t love flowers in full bloom? They add a feeling of classic beauty and charm to a place, yet they’re inexpensive and easy to find. If you’re hoping to increase the value of your home, don’t underestimate the power of the right flowers.


From azalea to roses, you want to show you know what you’re doing when it comes to your curb appeal. Flowers are an easy way to flaunt the best your home has to offer. Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or you just want to impress your neighbors, here’s how to use flowers to boost your curb appeal.



Use flowers to sell your home | Flowers in the sunset


1. Learn About Your Local Climate

Your first step is to do some research about what flowers work best in your local climate. Not all flowers can grow anywhere. Anyone who’s ever tried to grow a non-native plant knows just how hard it can be. Flowers are tricky, and they won’t be in bloom all of the time. You need to make sure the flowers you pick are realistic based on your location.


Here’s a general guide to help you start your search:

  • Colder climates: Pansies, petunias, geraniums, and calendulas
  • Warmer climates: Periwinkles, cosmos, sunflowers, and celosias
  • Wet climates: Elephant’s ears, Siberian irises, cardinal flowers, and forget-me-nots
  • All climates: Marigolds, geraniums, and yarrows.



2. Remember Flowers Aren’t Always in Bloom

Another important step is to think about what your plants will look like when they’re not in bloom. If you’ve ever seen a rose bush in the winter, you’ll know that it’s not nearly as stunning as the summertime. You need to make sure your plants look just as lively in the offseason as they do when they’re in full bloom.


Some plants that have gorgeous blooms and also look great all year are may night sage, coneflower, daylily, and Russian sage. Reviewing blooming information before planting is the best way to know what to expect. In general, it’s best to use low-maintenance plants that don’t take a lot of know-how to grow successfully. This will also make it easier to sell your home to buyers who might not be familiar with gardening.



3. Map Your Yard

Unless you have endless time to devote to gardening, you’ll want to think carefully about where you plant your flowers. Some types of flowers will attract pests like bees, wasps, and other insects. You’ll want to be aware of that and always keep these flowers away from the side of your home if possible.


When it comes to flowers, less is often more. You want your flowers to be a welcome pop of color, but they don’t need to be the entire show. Mixing your flowers with other plants like shrubbery, trees, and more will make your front yard appear fuller and more vibrant.



4. Gather Your Supplies

Now that you know where you’ll be putting your flowers, it’s time to gather your supplies. You’ll need a few things to get started:

  • Garden soil
  • Floral fertilizer
  • Flower seeds or plants
  • Garden gloves
  • Small shovel


From there, get to work. You’ll need to tend to your front yard flower beds regularly to make sure they’re healthy. Using a flower-friendly fertilizer is the best way to make sure your blooms are vibrant and healthy.



5. Stick to a Gardening Plan

Now that your yard is planted and ready to thrive, it’s time to wait. Gardening is something that takes a bit of time to master. Even if you don’t have a natural green thumb, you can still learn how to make the most of your space.


Start with a gardening plan. Depending on your specific plants and flowers, there will be things you’ll need to do regularly. Common gardening tasks including weeding, checking for pests and watering your plants. Be careful not to overly care for your flowers. Too much watering, for example, is a recipe for disaster!



Admire Your Beautiful Yard

Sit back and relax because it’s time to admire your handiwork. Gardening can be highly rewarding. What’s better than seeing your flowers in full bloom? It just goes to show that a little bit of hard work will go a long way.


Not only will flowers increase your curb appeal, but they’ll also boost the value of your home. Everyone wants to live somewhere that’s blooming with life and color. If you’ve been dreaming of a floral yard, now’s the time to get started.