Hurricane Rosa Floods Phoenix Areas All Around The Valley

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The effects of Hurricane Rosa soaked parts of the valley in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday. The storm turned into a flash flood, and then slowly started to flood the freeways of Phoenix on the freeways. Hurricane Rosa, reportedly just recently devastated a city but only put the death toll to 1 in northwestern Mexico before moving north into the U.S. Experts said that the storm would then move to the states above, and on Tuesday October 2, 2018 that was felt in around the valley. 


In the AM of October 2, 2018, the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for the Phoenix area. Arizona natives felt the downpour of 2 inches of rain fell in metro Phoenix by midmorning and that additional rain was expected. Although no crashes were reported on Tuesday due to the flash flood, many have been seeing the effects in their home as the rain has seeped through every crack of their home and proving damage to the homes that have no proper sealant. 



Flash flood watches have since been in full effect for parts in the valley of the sun in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. So, if you are looking to keep dry, stay inside and watch out for any leaks, water damage, or potential mold that can form from the effects of water damage from this storm. 


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