According to Webster, the definition of remodeling is to ”alter the structure of,” and, in this case, we are specifically interested in the altering of a home; the interior and exterior, to make it more exciting and aesthetically pleasing. The ”Remodel” word is much misunderstood, especially when it comes to real estate and homes. Remodel is commonly mistaken with the name ‘‘renovate’’, which according to the Dictionary, is to ”restore to good condition; make new again; repair”. Since we have already defined, remodel, which is to alter the structure of something, in this case, a home, you can see why the two can be used interchangeably. According to Sleeping Dog Properties, remodeling is the entire process of completely altering the layout, structure, and style of a home.


A homeowner for many different reasons may want or need to alter either the interior or the exterior of their home. In this article, we are going to focus on distinguishing between Interior remodeling and Exterior remodeling and which of the two would make the owner happier. First, we need to ask an important question; why would someone want to remodel their home in the first place?



Reasons to remodel your home


1. Improve the state of the house.

You need maximum comfort in your own home, and that is a good enough reason to invest in making your home the best according to your liking. Having a home that reflects your personality and sense of style will make you happier, and in return, you enjoy being at home more.


2. Improve the value of your home.

People often plan to move, and sometimes they don’t, but circumstances force them to relocate, and they find they need to sell their home or rent it out. In this case, you would want to get the best value for your home, and the best way to do it would to enhance sectors you feel would make the house better, like changing the furniture, painting, or replacing old doors.


3. Make your home safer

Safety comes first in life, and when you find that your home is a hazard, you need to find ways to keep your house safe from dangers like electricity or leaks. You may even find that you keep hitting your head because the doors are too low. For whatever risk that you may have in your home, it is better to rectify it by remodeling your home to make it safer.


4. Keep up with Technology.

You might find that you live in a home that was built decades ago, but new, better technological advancements have been made. For example, there are better lights you can fix that reserve energy. Technology is improving many aspects of a home every day, and you would like to keep up with the changing times to make your home better.



Distinguishing Interior and Exterior Remodeling


Interior Remodeling

Interior Remodeling, according to NYSID, is about ”how we experience spaces”. Just like the name suggests, it is all about the inside of a home. Remodeling the interior of a house would entail enhancing and improving different aspects and rooms of the home. You can get your bedrooms repaired like HW Construction. There two ways you can Remodel your home. One, you could hire Interior designers. These are professionals who are paid to make your house an embodiment of your ideas. You tell them what you want to be altered, and they give you options on how to efficiently do it.


The second way to Remodel your interior is to do it on your own. This can be difficult if you do not possess the technical capabilities required. The beneficiaries of Interior Remodel are mostly you and the dwellers of your home. You can learn how to remodel on your own here AC Architects, or you could browse different ideas on the topic on Elle Decor.


Exterior Remodeling

With exterior Remodeling, the outside is significant and should be considered first. Why? Might you ask? Well, the reason is simple. Such websites as Greenworks Construction believe first impressions matter, and we are taught that from a young age. When it comes to Remodeling your house, the same concept applies because you have to remember that when people visit your home, the first part they see is the outside. The exterior remodeling includes paving, painting, roofing, and gutters. The main difference with Interior is that the exterior would be seen and appreciated by strangers and neighbors while the dwellers of the home would appreciate interior.


Does Interior Remodeling make Homeowners happier than Exterior Remodeling

Remodeling is quite therapeutic because of the bliss it brings in seeing a project through and, of course, improving your own home. Make sure not to do the renovation wrong by visiting a website that help with remodeling.Otherwise they will find no happiness after.

The two kinds of remodeling are different but still have the same idea, and that is to alter the appearance of the home.


Happiness comes in many forms, and I think one of them would be getting a sense of pride and joy once you finally remodeled your home. In both, you will get the feeling of accomplishment. The question of what will make you happier is will have very subjective answers. Some people will focus on the interior, and some will focus on the exterior, it depends on how satisfactory the Remodeling was whether Interior or Exterior. My opinion would be that more happiness would be derived from the exterior remodeling since more people are affected like strangers, neighbors, and passersby.


The only way to counter these hidden costs is to plan ahead when purchasing a house. You can do this by researching extensively on what will be needed and budget appropriately. You can stumble upon a relatively affordable home, but its hidden costs might be too high and this could lead to a financial crisis. Be sure to be in close contact with your real estate agent since they’ll give you all the information you need to know pertaining the house you are buying. For many people, buying a house is stressful, but you can ease it by knowing what to expect during the whole process.