From adding a pool to updating your landscaping, when people decided to add value to their home, many forget about the impact that the interior can have. Interior designers do more than just make spaces beautiful – they also make interior spaces functional and in keeping with their occupant’s lifestyle. But can they add value to your home when you come to sell it, and if they can, how do they do it?



Get Your Property Ready For Market

Experienced interior designers not only stay abreast with current decor styles, furnishings, finishes, and architectural trends that are of the moment; they also understand the importance of using timeless decor to add value. Most homeowners do not want to buy a house that requires a lot of work and renovations – unless of course, it is a flip. By creating a comfortable space with a neutral color scheme, an interior designer can help to ensure a home appeals to the majority of potential buyers.



A Cohesive Layout

If you want to increase the value of your home, it is important that you optimize all of its available floor space. Clever interior design can open up small spaces and make them appear larger, while simultaneously brightening dark areas and making them more pleasant. Few people have an elaborate design imagination, and a strange floor plan or wacky color scheme can be difficult for potential buyers to see past. By utilizing the services of an interior designer, homeowners can get advice on everything from furniture placement, floor layout, to finishes.





Highlight The Selling Points

What is special about your property? Does it have a unique architectural design?  Or is it an older home that requires thoughtful interior design? Whatever interesting aspects your property has, it is important to accentuate them. This could be as simple as using beautiful drapes at the windows to highlight the gorgeous view or using a color scheme that is in keeping with the era of the home. By appealing to the property’s potential buyers, an interior designer can help you to add value to your home.



Update Key Rooms

Bathrooms and kitchens are two areas that can have the most significant effect on the value of your home. Even relatively simple changes, such as tiling or repainting cabinets can have a huge impact on the overall look of a space. An interior designer can help you to decide whether installing that steam room you’ve always wanted is worth it, or whether a power shower is the modern must-have fitting. Oftentimes a beautiful bathroom or stylish kitchen is enough to sell a home, so it can pay to have an experienced interior designer advising you on what is valuable in a buyer’s eyes.


Whether you are getting your property ready for market, or improving the functionality of your home and hoping to add value, a knowledgeable and creative interior designer can create a space that you love, and that potential buyers will love too!