How often do you find you use your fireplace? If you do use your fireplace is it only during the winter? The question today is: Are fireplaces the appealing to consumers today? There are many pros and cons of having a fireplace from aesthetics to price. Let’s go into what modern customers want today.


Not even a decade ago fireplaces were must-haves to most home buyers. Now real estate agents are finding that their clients would rather have a blank wall to do what they please with. Many potential home buyers see fireplaces as a waste of space that could have otherwise been used for other situations. Many rooms are limited by the placement of a fireplace instead of enhanced.


Many locations place limits on burning wood and as result have caused traditional fireplace sales to dramatically drop. Some people are even predicting traditional fireplaces to be phased out of any new homes within a few years. Electric fireplace sales, however, have steadily increased over the years. In 2017, 187million dollars worth of electric fireplaces were sold in retailers. Let’s go through a list of pros and cons of owning a fireplace.




Location can be dangerous. Owning a fireplace in an area that is earthquake prone can be a hazard to your home. If a quake occurs then it can potentially create a gas leak in your home. If you just think a fireplace is “okay” then is it really worth this risk?


Allergies. Someone in your home could be allergic to the wood or smoke which can cause major problems. Especially if that person is prone to asthma then a fireplace is just a danger to them.


Takes up space. Wherever the fireplace is located it dramatically changes that dynamic of the room. You now can no longer use that wall to put a tv in front of or any furniture. If you absolutely love what a fireplace brings to a room then this wouldn’t be a problem but if you don’t care then why bother having one?


Takes up the warmth. I know this sounds ironic but as much warmth as a fireplace gives you it can also take it away. Depending on location the warmth might cause the heat to not initiate to the rest of the house. That means that you might be warm and toasty in front of the fireplace but if you’re anywhere else in the house then you’ll be getting cold really quickly.




Aesthetically pleasing. If you love the look of a fireplace then you know what it can add to a room. The mantel is perfect for decorating and it gives your home that warm feeling without even being on.


Winter wonderland. Having a snowfall with warm cocoa and without the fireplace just seems heartless. The fireplace has been romanticized and for a good reason, it’s lovely to curl up next to one on those winter days. 



Person Preference

In the end, it’s really up to what your feelings are concerning fireplaces. If you love them and can’t live without them then make sure to have one in your home and keep yours. If you are indifference then maybe removing it would be the best option for you.