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Is It Worth It to Buy a Beach House?

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The sun, sand, and fun all make a beach house an alluring dream for many people. Who doesn’t want somewhere to call home that’s right on the beach? However, you might be asking whether it’s worth it to buy a beach house in reality.


Sure, on paper a beach house sounds amazing. You have somewhere to vacation every time you want to get away, and you might even be able to rent it out when you’re not there for some extra cash. The being said, there are a lot of downsides to owning a beach house that you need to consider before you sign on that dotted line. In this guide, we’ll discuss whether it is worth it to buy a beach house once and for all.



Should you buy a beach house?


The Pros of Owning a Beach House

First, let’s talk about why you might consider a beach house in the first place. As you might expect, this goes beyond the pretty view. There’s a popular saying that the only way to avoid feeling homesick while on vacation is to simply buy property, and this is definitely true.


Why might you want to buy a beach house? Here are a few of the top reasons:

  • Location, location location – Buying property in an ideal location (like on or near the beach) is usually a good indicator of a positive return on investment. You know there will always be interest in the location, so you’ll feel more secure in your property.
  • Instant retreat – Another perk is always having somewhere to vacation that you’re comfortable with. If you frequently vacation to the same area, this can even be cost-effective.
  • Rental potential – Finally, you always have the option to rent out your vacation property, leading to a passive income stream.


As you can see, there are a few major pros to owning your own beach house. However, like everything in life, things aren’t always picture perfect.



Cons of Owning a Beach House

When reality sets in with your beach home, you’ll quickly realize the beach comes with its own challenges. Whether you choose to vacation in your beach home or live there full-time, there are a lot of unique things to consider.


Some of the cons of owning a beach house are:

  • Rental challenges – If you choose to rent out your property, that comes with its own problems. If you don’t live nearby, you’ll need to hire a third-party or a manager to handle any day-to-day rental issues. In addition, there are limits to the rental season, so you likely won’t be able to rent your property out year-round.
  • Insurance – Unlike at home, you’ll probably pay more in insurance for your house by the beach. You’ll need additional coverage for things like storm insurance, flood insurance, and so on depending on the location. This adds up quickly.
  • Maintenance – It also goes without saying that the beach itself will take a toll on the property. You can expect to spend 1% (or more) a year of the home’s value in repairs alone. This doesn’t include the cost of a property manager if you choose to rent.
  • Vacation blues – Finally, having a vacation home by the beach ties down where you can take your vacations. If you like to explore new places when you get away, you’re likely better off just renting a home or staying in a hotel.


It comes as no surprise that the beach brings its own difficulties to owning a home. That being said, it still might be worth the investment for you to own a beach home.



Should You Buy a Beach Home?

It’s absolutely possible to own a beach home and get a good return on investment. If you get a good rate on the property, factor in the costs, and have a plan for renting it out, you can make your beach home a valuable asset for yourself.


However, if you think your beach home will be a quick and easy getaway property, think again. There’s a lot of maintenance to consider, and renting your vacation property isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ll need to be prepared to put in the work. At the end of the day, if you want flexibility in where you vacation, owning a beach house probably isn’t right for you.


Are you planning to buy a beach house? Make sure you consider the pros and cons before making the decision. A startling 33% of vacation home buyers purchased a home in a beach area, so clearly, this is a popular choice. However, you need to make sure it’s the right one for you and your goals.

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