Life has surprises. Sometimes they call for a quick job relocation. This should be an exciting time in your life, but that can be hard when you are stressed about holding two properties – one of which is hundreds of miles away. If your job has you relocating, why not reach out to us and sell your home fast? We also acknowledge that renting can be quite stressful.

National Cash Offer has helped people who have had to uproot their family and move to another state. Our experience tells us that you do not want to leave behind a vacant house, especially if you are paying a mortgage on it. We are cash buyers, and we work fast by providing a cash offer as quickly as possible. The problems of renting can be problematic for eventual buyers as well.

When renting is not an option

You may have thought the idea of renting out the house is your best option. In fact, it can cause you more problems in this transition in your life. Becoming a landlord has the following drawbacks to consider:

  • Tenant screening – Many new landlords simply take a small deposit of cash and are quick to sign a lease. In many cases, such irresponsible handling of your vacant property can attract career renters.  Renting can be an extremely stressful time. These types of renters look for easy to acquire homes and make every excuse possible to get the landlord to give them more time to come up with rent for renting. This will happen every month until they stop paying altogether – if they ever did in the first place. Once they get served, they prepare for war in the courtroom, and you can bet that they are prepared. Often times, a tenant can delay the process at least once. This is the reason for renting becoming a lengthy process when screening. In some cases we have come across, their eviction was delayed 3 times in a row every single month for 3 months.
  • Property maintenance – As a landlord, you are responsible for repairing heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and many other common (and uncommon) repair issues that may come up when renting. Some of the issues can become severe such as flooding, roof leaks, broken windows and other vandalism, etc. In addition, the lawn must be maintained or it can amount to an added expense provided by the city.
  • Market value dropping – Holding a property in certain markets means that you have to hold out during market fluctuations. We have seen property values start out at one million dollars, and end up under $100k years later. Consider that your rental experiment may fail, and by the time you are ready to sell, you can’t take out the equity that you expected.

There are so many reasons why holding the property is a bad idea. That’s why a cash home buyer is your best option.

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