Are you trying to sell your house fast? As a homeowner looking into a possible move, you are going to find out that there are two contrasting alternatives:

  1. Real estate agent listing on the MLS.
  2. Cash buyers whose advertising exclaims that “we buy houses“.

While you were searching for your options, you stumbled across this article. So, let’s look at each of them separately.

Real Estate Broker and Multiple Listing Service

The real estate brokerage hires licensed agents to put homeowners under contract to list their property. Oftentimes, the property will be listed in the range of retail prices. The mission of selling the home is to show it to buyers looking to live in the property. If the home needs work, it may also be targeted to investors, but still at the highest possible price for that demographic, which is still not considered a “deal” for many of them.

Because of the nature of the MLS, a property can either sell fast or stay on the market for years, depending on how in-demand that market may be. Whether or not you list with an agent is determined by how fast you need to sell.

Cash Home Buyer

A cash home buyer is an investor looking for a property to either flip or rent out for income. There are different types of investors. Here are a few:

  1. Fix and flip – This type of investor is the one you see on “Flip This House”, and other reality shows. In reality, however, rehabs do not always work out as they do on television. They are looking for deals well under market value. If you have a lot of equity and just want to sell and make a good chunk of change, you want this cash buyer.
  2. Fix and hold – They are experienced landlords that aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty with some minor rehab. This type of investor is not going to be interested in houses that had lots of fire or water damage. They want to move a wall, install a furnace, paint, and get rented as soon as possible.
  3. Turnkey flip – The turnkey flipper wants a property that they can throw some paint on and sell for a nice profit. They go after properties that need no rehab, to light rehab. They would either pass it onto a retail buyer via the flat fee MLS, use an agent, or sell to someone they networked with looking for a turnkey property at a retail price.
  4. Creative financing – This investor loves a property that they can secure with a smaller down-payment, and make payments on a monthly basis. If you do not need your entire equity all at once, but you want a better total price, then this is the investor you are seeking. They are often experienced in seller financing, contract for deed (land contract), “subject-to” financing, or lease options. Depending on the scenario, you would either get a monthly income from this, or your mortgage payments will be taken over so you no longer have to pay for the vacant home.

The cash investor is going to be the one you are searching for if you are facing a time-crunch or need to cash out now.

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