How Much of My Income Should I Budget for My Rent or Mortgage?

Whether you’re renting or buying a home, you need to be careful with your monthly budget. Budgeting is one of the best ways to manage your finances, and that means keeping track of your [...]


Ways to Cool Down Your Home This Summer

Summer is right around the corner. If there’s one bad thing about this time of the year, it’s the rising temperatures.   While this means it’s the perfect time of the year [...]


The Most Expensive Cities To Live In U.S.

The cost of living in the United States continues to increase. From housing costs to transportation, high demand is causing every facet of living to skyrocket. While there are still plenty of [...]


The Most Affordable Neighborhoods To Live In Arizona

With its diverse natural beauty, from rugged deserts to snow-covered mountains, and its matchless number of sunny days a year, Arizona has plenty to offer. Besides, it has the reputation of being [...]


The Most Affordable Neighborhoods To Live In Texas

For most people, affordability is the key factor when deciding where to live. For those moving to Texas, cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas are often the first choice. While these cities are [...]


Most Expensive Vacation Homes

For most people, taking a vacation involves searching for the cheapest motel they can find in the area they want to stay. Besides, what’s the point in spending a lot of money on a vacation [...]


Should a Recent College Grad Buy or Rent a Home?

Graduating college is a stressful enough time without also worrying about what comes next. Some students are actively chasing the American Dream in hopes of buying a home immediately after [...]


The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Las Vegas

If you’re looking to move to an exciting place that gives you something new every day then going to Las Vegas is the right choice. However, depending on where you live that new thing every day [...]


The Cheapest Cities To Live In Nevada

The cost of living in Nevada is fairly low.  Some Nevada cities are extraordinarily cheap to live in, partially because it takes a different type of person to live in the desert.  If you are [...]


The Cheapest College Towns to Buy Property

When it comes to buying a home that will be a good investment in the long-term, you can’t go wrong with college towns. Why choose a college town? There are a number of perks like a constant [...]

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