The city of Dallas, Texas is one of the most popular places to live in the US. This city is the 9th largest metropolitan area within the country and it is also the 3rd fastest growing city inside of the U.S. There are also 1.3 million people living in Dallas. However, once you consider the surrounding metropolitan areas (such as Forth Worth and Arlington); the population within the area will be close to 7 million people. Dallas is a huge city with lots of space. If you’re looking at houses in Dallas Texas as your next destination, then you’ll want to understand fully what it’s like living in Dallas.


What is Dallas like?


The city of Dallas is similar to most other major American cities. However, it has its own unique design and culture. First, Dallas is not located next to any major body of water. This is an important because most major American cities have been formed along some type of river system. The Trinity is the major body of water used for the city and it is situated just west of downtown. However, Dallas doesn’t use the river as a port.

Dallas uses the Central Time Zone standard to keep track of time. Nearly 30 million people from around the nation and the world visit the city each year. The city is also centrally located and can easily reach many U.S. cities within 4 hours or less. There are 57 neighborhoods which make up the city. The city has major franchise teams for nearly every branch of professional sports. There are also more restaurants and lots of things to do in Dallas. Some of the main types of houses in Dallas Texas you’ll find are high-rises, mid-rises, townhomes, lofts, and single family ranch homes.


The weather in Dallas Texas


As far as weather in Dallas goes, it’s a hot city during the summer time and enjoys relatively warm temperatures year round. Still, the city does gets cold during the winter months. Snow is not common in Dallas, but it does happen from time to time. You will need a good A/C system during the summer months and plenty of heat during the winter. Tornadoes, flooding and severe thunderstorms can also be a problem as well. Many people probably do not know that Dallas can also be a very windy city. It’s important that houses in Dallas Texas are well insulated.


Everyday life in Dallas Texas


People who live in Dallas are very diverse. They are generally friendly and good spirited. Many people in Dallas are no different than people living in other cities throughout the country. The city moves fast during the day, but it can get quite at night. Some parts of Dallas are busy with activity during the evening hours. Generally speaking, the downtown area starts to shut down around 5 p.m. If there are major events going on, then there will be more to do in the downtown location. Most people in Dallas tend to settle into their homes between 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. On the weekend, it will be more to do since more people are going out and having fun.


We mentioned that there are plenty of restaurants, clubs, movie theaters, malls and other places of interests. You can also find plenty of things to do throughout the weekend. People generally go to work and school as normal part of life. Sports is a big in Texas. People who live in Dallas and love sports have a variety of teams to support including; the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and the Dallas Stars. The tailgates for the Cowboys during the football season are widely celebrated. The website Lawn Starter points out that there is a large urban arts district, lots of festivals and fairs and live music. Dallas also has a huge Latino population which helps to give the city an authentic feel.




houses in dallas texas




The city of Dallas is growing and one thing that is pushing the city’s growth is its robust economy. There are plenty of jobs in Dallas. The cost of living in Dallas is 2% higher than the national average. The average cost of homes in Dallas Texas is $223,148 as stated by Zillow. Still, the medium income in Dallas is about $69,000. Most people who live in the city will need to earn about $35,000 to live comfortably.


The city is home to a large amount of corporate 500 companies. The health and medical field is also very robust in Dallas and so are the energy and transportation industries. Dallas is also a great place for new businesses and new job creation. Some of the people that are relocating to the are bringing jobs and lots of opportunities for others. Homes in Dallas, Texas are expensive so you must make sure that you can pay to stay there. One other thing to note is that property taxes for houses in Dallas are higher than other cities. This is due to the fact that the city does not levy income taxes on individuals, nor does the state as a whole.


Neighborhoods in Dallas


D Magazine lists all of the neighborhoods in Dallas. There are close to 60 of them spread out around the city. Some of the biggest neighborhoods include Southeast Dallas, Northwest Dallas and Far North Dallas. Upscale neighborhoods include places such as Dallas Downtown Historic District, Lower Greenville and Oak Cliff. Area Vibes points out some of the worst neighborhoods in Dallas and they include South Boulevard Park Row, Cedar Crest and South Dallas. Some homes for sale in Sherman TX or houses in El Paso are nice but can be very different compared to the great houses in Dallas Texas you can find. The Dallas housing market is slowly growing because of the constant influx of people. If you are wondering if someone could sell my house fast and relocate to Dallas, it’s possible. You should also do it quickly so you can find a great place in Dallas to stay.


Final thoughts


Dallas is a growing city that has a lot to offer. While it is not the biggest and best place to live, it does offer a lot in terms of good neighborhoods, good schools and good jobs. The economy of Dallas is strong and getting a job shouldn’t be a problem. Ultimately, if you are an entrepreneur or looking for a new place to set down roots – Dallas just might be the place you want to be. There are a wide variety of houses in Dallas Texas waiting for you.