For most people, taking a vacation involves searching for the cheapest motel they can find in the area they want to stay. Besides, what’s the point in spending a lot of money on a vacation home when you should be out exploring the new location?


But, for some of the world’s wealthiest people, vacation homes can be a vacation themselves. Many of these wealthy individuals own multimillion-dollar homes in their favorite destinations. The desirable locations and luxurious nature of these homes make them worth millions of dollars.


Some still choose not to buy a home. Instead, they look to rent. In which case, you’ll find some incredible and outrageously expensive vacation rentals in some of the world’s most popular locales.


So, where do the wealthy spend their time during a vacation? Below are a few of the most expensive vacation homes on the market.



Villa Jane – Aspen, CO

Villa Jane

Villa Jane is an incredible chateau located in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. Surrounded by exceptional views and landscapes, this elegant vacation destination is equipped with an indoor pool, a recreation room, several bars, a wine cellar, a gym, and much more.


With 15,000 SQ FT of indoor space, this home has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms in addition to its various amenities — making it perfect if you want to invite guests. Located close to outdoor activities, like skiing, resorts, and sports venues, Villa Jane is located in a perfect location to take advantage of Aspen’s beautiful outdoors. For 12 people, this villa will cost around $400,000.



Beachside Craftsman – Carmel, CA

Beachside Craftsman

Carmel, CA is a popular vacation for San Franciscans. It has a rich artistic history and sits right on the sea.

This beachside estate has three beds and four baths and sits on eight lots in Carmel Point. Amenities include a gym, master suite, office, living room, grand open kitchen, and more. The fortunate owner has access to all the incredible amenities found in Carmel, CA.


The home is currently not on the market, but Trulia currently estimates its value at over $6.5 million.



Oceanfront Estate – South Hampton, NY

Oceanfront Estate

Built at the beginning of the 1900s, this 12-bedroom estate is located in South Hampton, New York — a desirable vacation destination for New Yorkers.

Together, the main house and guesthouse are an incredible 22,000 SQ FT. The owner also gets to take advantage of two pools, a tennis court, massage room, theater, sunroom, and more luxurious amenities. If you lived here, you’d find yourself alongside many of Hollywood’s most notable names.


According to Trulia, this immense estate is worth an astounding $145 million.



Should You Invest in a Vacation Home?

These homes are from a very small selection of a few of the most expensive vacation homes in the United States. However, the cost of these homes far exceeds what most people can afford.

Be that as it may, should you consider investing in your own (cheaper) vacation home?


If you can afford one, a vacation home might be a desirable investment. It would give you a place to go when you want to get away for a little while. You also wouldn’t have to worry about making detailed vacation plans, whether or not be able to find sufficient accommodations, or where to go.


But you should always keep in mind the costs of owning a vacation home. Even when you’re not there, you’ll have to maintain the property — never mind the cost to buy the home itself.

However, if you find yourself attracted to a certain vacation destination, it may make sense to purchase a vacation home so that you can go whenever you please. Just be sure that the cost won’t hurt you financially.