A mention is nice to some, but a recommendation is holding someone or something in a higher regard. On Monday, July 30th AZlocalbusiness.com featured National Cash Offer on their website. The article was titled, “We Buy Houses Signs A Scam or Not?” that highlighted the truth and false claims of this industry. The article also talked about what to watch out for when it comes to the signs of businesses that claim to hold up to the same accountability as us. Many businesses (or lack thereof) claim to buy houses from you with cash or check at hand. Some of these signs for businesses are true scams, while we are not.


The Difference Between National Cash Offer & Other Businesses:

We here at National Cash Offer will give you an offer in as little as 3 days after looking at the home or even talking on the phone about your condition. Although most “businesses” claim to do the same, Sal Shakir and Carlos Reyes are the business owners of National Cash and talk first hand to the homeowners who are looking to sell their home. Sal and Carlos are not only the owners of the company, but they also put in the work and make the final sale with some customers to hold true to what they say. They not only take the time to sit down with customers to help them, but they are also VERY passionate about their company.


False Claims that Translate to Scams:

There are many false claims that scammers in the same industry will say, but won’t follow through. These are the scammers that pay cash for homes but look for sellers who are in distress or need to quickly sell. The cash-paying buyers often advertise the types of situations they are searching for in hopes you’ll recognize your predicament and call them. These scammers look for account information, social security, addresses, or any personal information so they can take the money and run or even steal your identity.


Our Mission:

We promise that we are not those scammers and do not look to take anyone’s money in this business. We have great experience in this industry and look to help those who are in need to sell their home and cannot do so. Whether your house is in bad shape, has water leaks, mold, termite damage, or ANY damage and you are having trouble selling your home on the market we can help. A HUGE thanks to AZlocalbusiness.com for the recommendation as we continue to help our local Arizona citizens with selling their damaged homes!