Are you looking to sell your house but are currently in foreclosure? If you have asked yourself, “Can I sell my house if it is in foreclosure? Is it possible or can I sell my house in foreclosure?” then you are not the only one who has asked these questions before. When a bank is closing your home, it can be a tricky thing when it comes to up keeping a house payment when owning or leasing a property. National Cash Offer has not had many questions of that nature because we BUY houses in any condition and no matter the circumstance. We have completely eliminated the questions of, “Can I sell my house while in foreclosure?” And “Can I sell my house before foreclosure?” We make deals and offers to anyone who is in the foreclosing process before the house is finally foreclosed.


National Cash Offer has no stipulations when it comes to offering a deal with a house that is in the process of foreclosing. Before the bank forecloses on your house and takes your equity and property, we can offer you a deal. About a month ago we made a deal with a nice married couple who had their bank was in the process of taking their home for various reasons and before they foreclosed that day we made an offer and sent them a check so we were able to help them at the last minute. Whether you are looking to foreclose because of a divorce, a tragic situation, or a split of a family we can help and give you an offer! So before you ask yourself, “Can I still sell my house in foreclosure?” just call us or go onto our website and we can assist you. Foreclosure is the least of your worries when you work with National Cash Offer!