One of the most exciting parts about searching for the right home is the house tour. There’s something exciting about getting to see the interior of different spaces. This comes as no surprise what with the widespread popularity of shows like House Hunters, but is there more to the home tour than meets the eye?


When it comes to touring homes, you need to know the right questions. It’s easy to get swept up in pretty wall paint and home features, but what about the small details? With the right questions, you can identify if this property really is the right fit for you. Here are the questions to ask on a home tour.



Questions to ask on a home tour | neighborhood view


1. How does the price compare to others?

If you’re just starting your search, you might not yet know what the average price is in the area. You need to make sure the home you’re touring is priced right for its size, location, and so on.


The best way to know this isn’t just to check the price yourself but to ask your agent to compare the sale price with similar homes in the area. Your agent will be able to let you know if the price is fair, if it’s overpriced, or if it might be priced low to encourage a bidding war.



2. Are there any concerns?

Don’t be afraid to ask your agent point-blank if there’s anything you should be concerned about with this property. They might have noticed things you didn’t think of yourself, and it’s in their favor to be honest with you.


They might explain that the backyard is hard to maintain, that it might cost a lot to heat the home, or any other issue. It will be up to you to decide if this is important to you or not.



3. How long has the home been on the market?

One of the first questions you should ask if you don’t already know the answer is how long the home has been on the market? This information will tell you a lot about the property.


First, if the home is new to the market, the seller isn’t likely to strike a deal with you if you offer a lower number. On the other hand, if the home’s been on the market for a while, they might be more open to negotiation. However, beware that the homes that have been on the market longer might also have hidden problems.



4. What repairs are needed?

This question is a bit more direct than the question about concerns, but it’s just as important. Look beyond the stunning backyard to ask if there are any specific repairs that are needed. The seller has to disclose any known issues, so don’t hesitate to ask.


Similar to this, ask how recently any appliances or devices have been serviced or replaced. This will let you know whether or not you should expect expensive repairs in the future.



5. How safe is the area?

While you might think you can guess the safety of a location by the appearance, that’s a naive way of thinking. Crime happens everywhere, and no neighborhood is immune.


Asking about the crime statistics in the area or whether there has been a local property crime is a must. The home itself might have a criminal past you don’t know about, and you can’t afford to overlook these statistics.



Don’t be afraid to speak up!

These questions to ask on the home tour might seem like a lot to remember, but they’re really just a normal part of getting to know the property. It’s easy to feel like you’re nagging or being a bother, but remember these are normal questions.


Both the agent and the homeowner expect you to want the full picture when touring a home. It’s easy to see a newly designed kitchen or gorgeous curb appeal and assume all is well, but it’s always smart to look below the surface by asking the right questions.