Questions To Ask Your Agent Before Listing Your Home 
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Questions To Ask Your Agent Before Listing Your Home 

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Selling a home is that much easier with the assistance of an experienced real estate agent.  Do not hire any old agent.  The professional you select should meet your unique criteria and provide acceptable answers to the questions detailed below.  Here is exactly what you should ask your agent prior to listing your home.



Thinking About Listing Your Home? Ask the Real Estate Agent how Long the Process Will Take

Though no agent will be able to put a specific end-date on the sale, this professional should provide a general idea of the length of time necessary to sell the house.  On average, most homes sell after two months on the market.  If the agent you are considering cannot commit to a general timetable, move on to an agent willing to give an estimation of how long it will take to sell the house.



Are you properly credentialed to list and sell my home?

At a bare minimum, the real estate agent must have a state license.  This professional should also be a member of your area’s real estate trade association.  Otherwise, your agent will not have access to those uber-important multiple listing services.  This service is necessary to ensure your home is listed for maximum exposure.  Some home-sellers insist on hiring an agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors that mandates continued training as well as an abidance to a specific code of real estate ethics.



Have you sold any homes in this neighborhood before?

Ideally, the agent will specialize in your neighborhood.  Tap into the expertise of a savvy and experienced agent and this professional will be aware of pending developments as well as businesses and amenities in the area that have the potential to impact your home’s value.  If the agent has not sold homes in your neighborhood or the general area, you run the risk that the agent will suggest an unnecessarily low listing price or fail to present the home in a manner conducive to lofty offers.  Furthermore, it will help if the real estate agent can sell the entire neighborhood as opposed to just your home so prospective buyers are that much more interested in your property.  



How much will it cost to sell my home?

Find out about the costs that will be paid upfront, be it closing fees, the broker’s commission or other costs.  This way, you can budget ahead of time to ensure you are not slapped with surprise fees that stretch your finances thin.



How do you plan on communicating with me and other relevant parties?

If you prefer texting and your agent enjoys time-consuming phone calls, the two of you are somewhat of a mismatch.  Others prefer the personal nature of phone calls as opposed to impersonal emails and text messages.  Find out exactly how the agent in question prefers to communicate as well as the frequency of that communication before making a commitment.



How many home sales did you close this past year?

Though an agent’s prior sales do not ensure to sell your house fast, he or she should at least have a history of sales success. If the agent’s sales numbers are disappointing, you won’t feel as though this professional is capable of selling your home in a reasonable amount of time.  It will also help to find out the price range of the properties the agent has sold.  This price range will clue you into whether the agent has a history of selling homes similar to yours and understands what home-seekers in your income bracket truly desire in a living space.

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