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Reasons Why Your Home May Not Be Selling

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So you have finally gone through the steps and listed your home. Unfortunately, it’s been a few months and there haven’t been any bites. If that’s the case, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. If your home has been on the market for more than a month and you haven’t had any luck, we’ve got some tips for you to sell faster!


We also recommend that you check out the average selling time in your local area to get a better idea of how fast other homes are selling, as the average time differs from city to city.



1. Get Your Staging Right

First impressions are always the most important, especially when trying to sell a home. Many buyers are looking for a nice place that they can make their own in the long run. If your yard is full of weeds, the paint is chipped and worn, and the carpets are stained, you’re going to scare potential buyers away, as many buyers make instinct decisions on what they feel when they first walk into a home.


Even something as important as proper landscaping can have a major impact.



2. Hire a Pro Photographer

Seriously, the amount of low-light, low-quality photos that we see on real estate listings is outrageous. The age of the Internet is here. People like to look through houses online before they buy. Why would someone want to come see your house if the photos make it look like a dump?


Want to see how much a good photo can increase the price of your house? Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal on real estate photography.



3. Your Home Is Too Expensive

One of the number one reasons that people have trouble selling their homes is that they are priced way too high. There are a few ways to know if your home is priced too high, though that doesn’t mean it’s easy to swallow. To price your home correctly, you’ll want to compare it to other homes in the area and use that analysis to decide the fair market value.


We also recommend talking to top real estate agents in your area, as they’ll have a bigger finger on the pulse of the market value in your vicinity.



4. Your Home Is Unusual

If your home is unique, you might have a harder time finding the proper buyer. A number of different things might fall under the umbrella of a “unique property”, including homes that are way bigger than other homes in the area, homes that are incredibly expensive, homes in unusual areas, or homes that have strange features such as multiple living areas.

You might have to change up your description and find a way to “normalize” your home or find that niche market that is looking for a strange home.




Just because you’ve been having trouble selling your home does not mean that you should give up! By analyzing and altering your home’s photos, pricing, condition, or other features, you will be able to sell your home with much more efficiency.


This may include re-listing your house altogether, which is not a bad idea if you need to change multiple things. We hope that this article helped you in your selling journey. Do you or someone you know have experience selling a home successfully? Let us know about your story in the comments!

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