In this article, we will discuss the best ways to sell your home on that will get your home rankings and what looks appealing to the eye. We will also break down the sections of the list with your home in it and how it should look. Each section will detail your needs to post your home and grab the reader’s attention, while also peeking their interest to buy. The home you are going to sell needs to have the proper salesman (or saleswoman) pitch that will put it in the right hands of the perfect buyer!


The 3 sections (just like an essay) should read in order with; The Headline, Body, and the lasting impression for the viewer. Also, the 2 extra elements that are the most important to help your listing on Craigslist to post well is; The Pictures and the Posting Time.


Headline – The headline is always THE MOST important information. This determines whether a reader will stay on the page or not. The viewer will determine within 5-7 seconds if they want to stay on the page and read until the end or not. A great attention getter will most likely keep the viewer’s attention so that he or she will read the meaty details and actual information about the home you are selling.


Body – The body is where you would state the actual information about the home that you are selling. For example, this would be the: location, square feet of the house, backyard measurements, neighborhood, etc.


Lasting Impression – The lasting impression is not only your contact information to leave so they can contact you for interest, but also this leaves the buyer wanting more and reasons of wanting them to buy your house. An example would be leaving the best details of the home (i.e. a pool, nice backyard or trees). This will determine ultimately if the home you are going to sell will leave a great impression on the reader.


Pictures – The pictures you pick for the listing should also be high resolution picks of the home you are going to sell. Phoenix, Arizona has beautiful sunsets and peeks that will accent gorgeously off of your home if you take this pictures at the right time of the day and also with the right angles. Don’t just post a random picture of your home, but ALWAYS make sure that your home looks detailed in the photos. If you do not have a good camera on your phone or that you own, you can always use editing software or even photo editing apps that are for iPhone or Android.


Posting Time – The posting time for is always around the times of 10:00 am to noon during the weekdays. Another good time is on the weekdays after rush hour or when most people get home from work (i.e. between 5:00pm – 6:00pm). This will maximize your possibilities of more people seeing your listing of your home.


If you include all of these pointers and tips above, you should get more traffic to your listing on Craigslist. So good luck, and remember to think like a salesman (or saleswoman) when selling your home!