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National Cash Offer, can buy your house fast in Phoenix, AZ, and pay cash. We have a large number of home investors that will pay cash for your house in “As-Is” Condition.

   NO Commission Fees
   NO Closing Costs
   NO Inspection Fees
   NO Repair Fees
   NO Appraisal Fees

Selling your house with National Cash Offer

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We buy houses fast in Phoenix areas:
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If you are at the point of Selling your House Fast, in whatever condition it may be: its in need of repairs, damaged, unfinished construction, your house has been vandalized, or any other condition at all, National Cash Offer can help and give you the best and the best cash offer for your home guaranteed.


We have a large network of investors and we will make sure you get the best cash deal for your house in any condition. Sometimes, is just time to move on to a New House than dumping money into a house that no longer makes sense for your needs. You have nothing to lose, give us a quick call or fill out our form and find out how much cash you can get for your home, you will be surprised.

The Easiest Way to Sell a Home Fast in Phoenix
Is it safe to assume that you have at some point wondered, “how do I sell my house fast in Phoenix, Arizona?” or “who buys Phoenix, AZ houses fast?” If so, you have found the solution you have been searching for! That solution is National Cash Offer. We are The Valley’s leader in fast home sales for cash. Our 3-step process ensures that you get your home sold when you want it, and with no need to learn the nuances and navigate the pitfalls of Arizona’s real estate market.


Selling your home through the traditional method can take a very long time. Many people attempting to sell their home quickly on the market are truly surprised by what an ordeal it really is. They are usually even more surprised by how much the fees and real estate agent expenses eat into the proceeds from selling the home. For many Arizona residents, selling a house without a realtor is the way to go.


However, selling a house on your own is not simple. This is especially true if you need to sell your house fast. Phoenix is a hot housing market, but there are some caveats; the competition has really stepped its game up! If you intend to list your home on the housing market, prepare to have to spend significant money repairing your house’s issues. If your home is very old and has not had a refresh since the 90s, prepare to spend quite a bit on a stylish renovation project for the entire house. Prospective homebuyers would rather pay more than buy a fixer upper these days.


Sell Your House Fast for Cash to Move Forward
National Cash Offer understands that you just want what is best for your family, and in your situation, liquidating your home quickly would liberate you to make a fresh start. That is why we created this service – helping Valley homeowners sell their homes quickly and without incurring expenses.


The last thing you want is to have to embark on the journey of selling a home. Paying agents, allowing strangers to walk through your home while your family is still living in it, taking serious financial risks investing into the home to make it compete with other properties that are selling in your neighborhood.


Why do all that while you are trying plan for a relocation? If you are preparing for a divorce, it is best to leave home and get your single life started as soon as feasible. Also, time is of the essence if you are attempting to sell before a foreclosure. Maybe you inherited a home that is located far away from where you live, making it difficult for you to manage a sale on your own. No worries! No matter what you face, if you have ever said “I need to sell my house now!” National Cash Offer can help.


Yes, We Buy Houses, Phoenix!
We buy houses in “as is” condition so you never have to come out of pocket for anything. Even if we come out to your home to look at it, there is no cost and there is no obligation to accept an offer. You are totally in the driver’s seat. You can even choose when to close on the home. The Initial Consultation – You can get things started by either filling out the form on our easy to use website or by simply giving us a phone call. You do not have to worry about any pressure sales tactics. Our phone representative just wants to collect the home’s information and your reason for selling. This information will make coming up with the perfect home sales solution much easier. The Cash Offer – While formulating the cash offer for your Phoenix home, National Cash Offer will consider all the information you provided during our initial consultation, what the home can go for on the market at the moment, and your asking price. This will inform our decision on what we will offer you. Furthermore, we are real estate experts, so if you have any question about anything we mention or about the offer itself, you can ask any questions you want, and they will be answered! If you agree with our offer, just choose a closing date and we will send you an electronic contract you can sign over the internet from a computer or smart mobile device.



Verification of Condition – You get to choose when we view the home. It is totally up to you and what you find convenient. Do not worry about cleaning or improving anything. Remember, we buy homes as they are. Once everything checks out and you agree to sell, we will take care of the paper work and have you sign your part of the documentation. Once everything is done, you receive your check. That simple!
Sell Your Phoenix Mobile Home Fast with!


Are you looking for the very best method to sell a manufactured home quickly? NCO can assess your trailer as well as make you an honest cash deal on the spot. No need for expensive and time consuming enhancements to the mobile home. We purchase mobile homes throughout Phoenix, AZ in “as is” shape! We assure to you that our specialists will be considerate and professional as you sell your mobile home to us. We know trying to sell manufactured homes quickly could appear to be a complex procedure, so we have streamlined it to be a much simpler 3-step procedure. First fill out the form. Second, we contact you to set up a meeting to examine the value of the manufactured home. Third, we look at the residence and also make you a cash offer. This really is the easiest way to sell a manufactured home!

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About National Cash Offer for Your Home

National Cash Offer is a home buying company in Phoenix, Arizona. We are a legitimate professional business who has partnered up with investors all over the country looking to purchase homes in Phoenix, Arizona and all of the United States by paying cash. Currently we are buying houses in Phoenix, Glendale, Avondale, Buckeye, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, and all of Arizona.


The best part of selling your house with is we are committed to getting you the best cash offer and providing an ethical and honest service. We work with all of our customers on their schedule and to provide the best house selling option for you. We don’t believe in forcing you into selling your home if it is not the best option for you. We believe in the power of word of mouth and we want make sure all of our customers are satisfied with our services and feel good about selling their house with


Selling your house for cash is a great option when your home is simply a burden, for example, you need more space but don’t have the budget to put into your home to make it larger, or you started this home renovation project and got stuck halfway after realizing home upgrades are costly. These are all reasons to sell your house for cash as it stands and invest that cash into something else like a newer bigger home or pay off debt, or whatever else you may need.


  • “From beginning to end the whole process was smooth and easy. It took about 3 weeks from start to finish with very little effort on my part. They even gave me an extra week after closing to move out which made my life so much easier. Adrian was very helpful and professional. They made a fair offer comparible with other companies. I decided to go with National Cash Offer because they were more personable and genuine.”

    Alisa Smith
    Alisa Smith Las Vegas, NV
  • I was so tired of dealing with one of my tenants, that I just wanted to sell my rental home as quick as possible. I came across national cash offer contacted them, they were transparent and honest. I appreciate that! So I decided to take their offer and it was so painless and fast. I should have done this sooner. I'll be telling all my friends about National cash Offer!

    John Pierce
    John Pierce Phoenix, AZ
  • “Very professional and cooperative company that was well versed in this type of transaction. They purchased my rental property in Las Vegas and closed in two weeks with a remote closing as I did not live in Las Vegas. The entire transaction went very smoothly. I would certainly give them a very good recommendation as they did everything they said they would do and the transaction was completed to my complete satisfaction!”

    Theron Strickland
    Theron Strickland Las Vegas, NV
  • “I submitted my info and received a response immediately from Adrienne. From the beginning until the end of the process they were responsive and easy to work with and no pressure at all in the beginning to work with them. They did everything they said they would in the timeframes we discussedI would recommend them if you need to sell your home quickly with no pressure no hassle and a good experience.”

    John Humphries
    John Humphries Las Vegas, NV
  • National cash offer really kept their word when I decided to sell my home quickly. It needed so many repairs I didn't even know where to start. They were able to give me a good cash offer with no repairs or fees, Wow! They even worked with me while I found a new place and moved out even after selling it.

    Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans Mesa, AZ