With the current state of the economy, one may find it really difficult to sell a house. This is why many people always think that they require a realtor to help them sell a house. However, real estate agents will charge a high commission meaning that at the end of the day, you will receive less money than you anticipated. So how can you sell your house without a real estate agent, particularly with a cash home buyer?


Good advertising



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One thing you need to understand is that the key to selling a home is a good advertisement. There was a time when realtors were required to effectively spread the word about the homes that are available to the market. Those times are long gone because we now have the internet with us. Nowadays, people normally shop for new homes on the internet. There are sites that will list the homes available for sale. There are also sites that are specifically designed for listings that are for sale by owner.


List the right price


Another thing you need to know is that listing the right price from the beginning is critical in helping you sell your house without a real estate agent. One thing that makes homes not to attract buyers is because they are priced way too expensive above the value of the surrounding properties. You should understand that even if your house is the nicest in the neighborhood, it does not mean that it should be way too expensive as compared to other homes. Quoting an extremely high price from the start may end up turning people away from looking at the home or even coming back at all. You should, therefore, find the price at which homes are selling around your area and price your house accordingly.


Do the proper repairs


Another thing you should do to ensure that you are able to sell your house without the help of real estate agents in ensuring that you have done some good repairs and make your house look presentable. Simple repairs will make your house look enticing and many buyers will get attracted to it. It does not really mean doing major improvements on the house. You can do simple repairs like repairing the walls, putting some new lighting, losing the clutter. It does not really mean doing a complete overhaul. Doing this will help you sell your house on your own at your desired value.


Learn the art of negotiation


Another thing you need to learn is the art of negotiation. This is the art hat real estate agents have really mastered. Learning this skill will be very helpful while trying to sell a house on your own. You should be smart enough to leave emotions out of this and act very professionally. If you get emotional with the buyer, you may end up settling for less than what you deserve for the house. You should be very reasonable with your negotiations and you should try and reach a middle ground as soon as possible. If you are not able to reach a middle ground with the buyer, explain to them professionally so that the buyer can be comfortable with that given decision.


Be composed


Do not feel the pressure of selling your house and do it hastily. This is why many people hire realtors to make it hassle-free. However, real estate agents are way too expensive. That is why it is important to get these basic skills that will enable you to sell your house without these real estate agents. The process of selling your own house is not so difficult.


Here is a guide on how it is done in places like Phoenix and Orlando.



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Get the right assessment of your property value. To begin with, you need to get a handle on your property value. The first step requires you to do the necessary repairs your house needs.


Do a proper evaluation of your house


The next thing you need to do is find a reputable residential property appraiser who will be able to evaluate your house and give it a quote and market value which should be based on its location, construction, and its current condition. This will help you set the selling price.

Next, you will need to talk to a lawyer who will inform you of the proper documentation required.

Next, you will be required to discuss how the sale will affect you with your mortgage banker and accountant.

The next thing you need to do is take god pictures of your house and post them online and see how many buyers are interested in. Now you can comfortably set the price for the house.

The next thing you need to do is get prepared for sale.

You can do this by creating a “curb appeal” which will be able to get hunters through the front door. You can landscape your front and backyard effectively. Also, ensure that the drivel is free from any defects. You can also go ahead and clean the house gutter if it is necessary.


Move your personal items from the house


The next thing you need to do is getting rid of everything that you do not require to live in the house every single day. You can keep the basic furniture and be keen to explain the role of each room in your house.

The next thing you need to do is ensure every room in the house is clean and minor and that basic repairs are done. Pay close attention to the bathroom and kitchen fixtures for hey can be a game-changer. Ensure that every room is well arranged and take good photos of the inside and the outside of the house as well.

The next thing you need to do is close the deal. Get the names of potential buyers. Ensure that you verify phone numbers. Make sure that you insist on mortgage pre-approval letters before you schedule any house tour. Ensure that you clean the house thoroughly on every day of viewing. You will then be required to lock your personal items and have your pets take the pets. When the buyer arrives, let them explore the house and show them the basics. Negotiate and accept the best offer.