Can you imagine coming home from vacation to find out that you no longer have a home like Otis? Fire damage can occur at many different levels, and this one was more extreme. The homeowner Otis reached out to us to help him sell his house after coming home from his vacation in Thailand and having his home completely destroyed due to a large fire.

National Cash Offer was eager to help and Otis was relieved of the destroyed property. Letting the fire damaged property sit could easily cost you more money in the long run (and the short term), with code violations and fines from the city. We plan to restore this home and list it back on the market for a future family to enjoy.

At National Cash Offer we are able to purchase fire damage homes such as this one quickly and get you the cash you need right away. Sell your fire damaged home to National Cash Offer now by calling (877)-990-7774 or filling out quick form right here on