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Should I Stage My House in Seattle Washington To Sell It?

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In the process of selling your home in Seattle, you may have considered hiding your personal items away and staging. When sellers stage homes, they create a blank slate for potential buyers who want to be able to envision themselves living there.

Staging provides the interior of a home with a modern, appealing look. In many cases, staging a home can help it sell faster too. A recent report from Neighbor showed that staged homes, on average, sell in about 6 days. That’s a pleasing piece of data in comparison to the typical 48-day home-selling average.


How Does Staging Work?


You may consider hiring a professional stager depending on your budget and time constraints. Professional stagers add unique furniture and arrange décor to create a clutter-free and comfortable living environment. Setting up various rooms and properly utilizing each space is the job of a professional stager. They are meant to evoke the various emotions 0f a home, a strategy that has proven effective time and time again.


Why Should I Stage My Home?


One of the main reasons you might choose to stage your home is that you can sell it faster. When professionally staged, homes can sell for up to 17% above the asking price on average. According to the National Association of Realtors, every $100 invested in staging yields an average of $400 in return.

There is no substitute for creating an attractive listing. Think about it. Your listing is the very first thing potential buyers will see. It is your job to leave them in awe of your home. Staging could be the thing that motivates them to come to check it out in person.

A potential buyer should be able to see themselves entertaining family and friends, enjoying a movie night in the den, or whipping up a delicious home-cooked meal in the kitchen.


Cons Of Staging A Home


One of the biggest downsides to hiring a professional to come in and stage your home is that it can be expensive. If you have a big house and a backyard that needs fitting, the price can skyrocket.

On average, you will pay around $300 to $600 to stage a home. Of course, the numbers are dependent on your home’s asking price, where you live, and the square footage.

Just like an interior designer would charge you a fee for consultation design, you can expect the same thing from a professional stager.


What Do I Get With Home Staging?


A home stager is there to take care of the following things:


  • Decluttering
  • Maid service
  • Necessary paint touch-ups
  • Modern furniture and décor additions
  • Yard and garden improvement


Bottom Line – Should You Stage Your Home?


The answer to whether or not you should stage your home depends on your budget and timeline. Check out what other homes on the market in your area are doing and get an estimate as to how much it will cost you to stage.

Of course, if staging doesn’t sound like a good fit for you, you can always choose to sell off-market with National Cash Offer. When you sell with us, you don’t have to worry about staging, repairs, or additional fees. Get in contact with us today to learn more!

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