If you are thinking about putting your home on the market or have already done so, you are probably wondering when you should move out.  Some argue it is a mistake to move out after the home is sold.  Others are adamant it is better to remain in the home until the sale is finalized.  Let’s sift through these arguments to find the actual truth about the optimal time to move when your home is up for sale.


Moving out Prior to the Sale

It is logical to move out before the home is sold as exiting the premises empowers you to stage your former living space to perfection.  Take a moment to envision how much better you could make your home look if all of your stuff were moved to your new digs, a friend’s place or storage.  A completely empty living space helps potential buyers envision the home as their own.  It will also be easier to clean your home after all of your furniture and other sundries are out of the way, making the living space that much more appealing to prospective buyers.

Alternatively, if all of your stuff is still in the home, it will be difficult for prospective bidders to imagine how their furniture and other belongings will look in the living space.  Furthermore, moving out prior to the sale will be easier as you won’t have to rush to meet a specific deadline to exit the property.  If you wait until your home is sold, you will have a limited amount of time to depart the premises to accommodate the buyer’s schedule.


Moving out After the Sale

If you move out after the sale, it might be necessary to pay rent to the new owner for a couple days or even a couple weeks.  In most cases, buyers will not let the seller remain in the home any longer than 60 days.  Such a rent-back scenario will be written into the property’s sale contract.  If it will take some time to get the residence prepared for the buyer, moving out after the sale is the best option.  This way, you will have a place to live before you move to your new digs and the seller will rest easy knowing the purchased home will be in tip-top shape once they move in.

There is also an argument to make that moving out after the sale will help maximize the sale price.  Industry insiders insist homes with furniture sell faster and for more money than vacant homes.  However, if your furniture is not properly positioned, cleaned and generally presentable, it has the potential to backfire in a big way.  If you insist on living in the home until it is sold, consider hiring a professional to stage your home.  A professional home stager with an eye for how things should look from the perspective of a home buyer will help maximize your home’s visual appeal.


The Verdict

In the end, it is best to wait to move out until your home is sold.  This way, if the deal falls through, you will still have a lovely home to live in.  Furthermore, as detailed above, there is a good chance the proper placement of your furniture will facilitate the sale of your home in a timely manner for the maximum amount of money.