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Should You Dress Nice To Fill Out A Loan Application?

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You’ve overslept your alarm for your appointment with your lender and now you only have time to put on the clothes you wore yesterday. Those dirty sweat pants and Game Of Thrones hoodie are all you got and when you walk in they’re going to be the first thing you lender notices. If you still manage to arrive on time then your clothes are going to take away any bonus points that might give you. Point is, do you think you should dress nicely to fill out your loan application? Yes.



Why Dress Nicely?

Dressing for the occasion shows that you care enough about the occasion to take action on it. This is true for any event, weddings, funerals, interviews, parties, dinners, and even the pool. Imaging showing up at the pool not ready to swim, or to a wedding in a hoodie and sweats. It might not be true that you don’t care but the clothes you’re wearing speak a lot.

Even if dressing up is something you dislike doing then you can use the excuse that you’re doing it for someone else. Then you don’t have the pressure of doing it right, you’ll just be doing it to show that you care. This isn’t about “impressing the man” it’s about getting what you want, which is a loan.



How Can Dressing Nice Affect A Loan?

Your lender is going to determine, based on many factors, if you are reliable enough to pay back the loan. This means they’ll be looking at your debt-to-income ratio, how much you’re putting down, and even how you show up. If you show up slacking off with stains on your clothes, then their first impression is going to be “mess” even if you’re actually not a mess in reality. It’s typically of humans to make judgments unfortunately and so you’re going to have to combat that judgment with your actions and the first action you can take is appearing as though you care, which you really do.



Bite the Bullet

Don’t worry about what other people think of you when dressing nicely. Know that you’re doing it with a goal in mind. Have the end in mind, that approval for a loan, that will drive you through any of your fears or hesitations. Don’t be afraid to overdress for the occasion, it’s better to overdress than to underdress. Own your clothes and don’t let them own you, step into your power and go for your dreams, while also looking fantastic. 

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