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Should you sell your house to a cash home buyer or list it?

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So, you have decided to sell your house? Congratulations! Now is the time to determine whether you want to go the traditional route and list your property with a real estate agent or explore alternative options like a cash home buyer.


You have undoubtedly noticed signs in your area, advertising the services of companies interested in purchasing houses for cash. Most of them buy buildings as-is, repair them as needed, and resell them for a profit.


However, what is the right choice for you? This article will help you decide what the most appropriate way for you to sell your property is.


When should you list your house with a real estate agent?

Most people with a house for sale choose to list it with a Realtor. There are many reasons why.

You want to get the most money out of your sale.

The main reason why people prefer to sell their house with a real estate agent is that they, understandably, want to get the most bang for their buck. After all, you may have spent a lot of time and money making your property attractive, and you likely want to recoup some of this investment in the sale of the house. People also buy properties as investments and tab on house sales to purchase their next home. If money is your top priority and the housing market in your area is flourishing, you will likely want to list your house with a real estate agent.

Your house is ready to show.

Getting your house ready for sale is a long process. You will probably need to complete some repairs to compensate for normal wear and tear and attract potential buyers. If your house has been well maintained, it should be a simple process. You will also need to keep the house ready for showing even on short notice, which can be a hassle if you have young children or pets. Many sellers choose to move out of the house into their new home if they have the opportunity.

You are not pressed by time.

The major disadvantage of listing your house with a real estate agent is that you will depend on the market. It could be months before your home is sold if the real estate market is sluggish in your area. Some people may be in the position to wait and see, but if time is of the essence, you may want to explore alternative opportunities.


When should you sell your house to a cash home buyer?

In some circumstances, selling your house to a wholesale company like National Cash Offer may be the best choice.


You want to sell your house fast.

A quick closing is one of the main advantages of selling your house to a wholesale company instead of listing it with a real estate agent. You need to move quickly and are not in a position to carry two mortgages or be dealing with difficult circumstances like a job loss or a divorce. In these cases, selling your house as quickly as possible is a priority.


Your house needs significant repairs

Houses that have sustained considerable damages, such as fire or water damage, are not attractive for most buyers. They demand too much work to be livable, and most financing institutions will not offer mortgages for these properties. Investors can be interested in these buildings. However, they are few and far between. On the other hand, cash home buyers are happy to work with properties that may not otherwise be sale-able.


You want to avoid the hassle of putting your property on the market.

Listing your property with a real estate agent requires a significant amount of preparation and paperwork. If you are out-of-state – if the property you want to sell is part of an estate settlement, for example – and do not have the time or ability to deal with inspections, repairs, appointments, and so on, cash home buyers are often the way to go.


If you think that selling your property to a cash home buyer may be the right choice for you, National Cash Offers purchase buildings in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Washington, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, and Florida. Contact Us today what your house may be worth!

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