Staging Tips for Small Outdoor Porches

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When you’re selling your home, every square foot matters. That’s especially true for outdoor spaces. Making the most of your outdoor spaces will help you showcase your property as a great home, and it can even boost your property value.


One of the best ways to showcase the best aspects of your home is with staging. Home staging is when you style your home in an attractive way that will appeal to the most buyers.


If you’ve ever seen a home design show, you know exactly what this works. How do they present the designed homes on these DIY shows? They never leave the space empty. The home is always perfectly staged to help make it feel appealing and livable. Here are the best staging tips for small outdoor porches. Sell your home in no time!



Small outdoor porches


1. Decide How to Present the Space

When you’re staging your home, you’re actually telling a story. In this case, your homebuyers are the main characters. Think of yourself as the director. What story are you trying to tell with your home?


More specifically, how does your outdoor space fit into this story? If you only have a small outdoor porch, you’ll need to make some decisions. Unlike a larger deck or backyard, you probably can’t “do it all” so to speak. Most people use their outdoor spaces for entertaining or relaxation. Decide which you’ll be focusing on and then move to the next steps.



2. Clean Your Porch

Your first step is to start with a clean slate. That means pulling out the heavy-duty cleaning supplies. We can all admit to letting our chores slack from time to time. However, now’s the time to make sure your porch looks like it’s in prime condition.


If possible, bring in a pressure washer to help remove dirt and built-in stains. If you have any shrubs or trees over your porch, clean any debris regularly. If you have a wooden deck as your porch flooring, it might be smart to use a wood stain so it looks refreshed. You want your buyers to see your porch as a safe, good investment that’s in tip-top shape.



3. Bring in Seating

One of the first things to start with is seating. The rest of your outdoor space will be based around this. Look for softer touches that make your porch feel welcoming. If you have rough floors like stone or tile, these soft touches add a cozy feeling.


Here are a few ideas of what to include when it comes to seating:

  • Loveseat
  • Folding chairs
  • Bistro table and chairs
  • Outdoor bench with pillows
  • Outdoor stools


Don’t feel like you need to overfill the space with seating. If you have a small space, you don’t want it to seem too crowded. Remember that pillows and fold-out chairs can double as extra seating.



4. Add Outdoor Decorations

Decorations are another way to soften the space. Just make sure you’re taking the seasons and weather into account. For example, if you live in an area prone to extreme weather, make sure your decorations are secure and safe for the outdoors.


To soften the space with decor, look for complementary colors, rugs, and other fabrics that add dimension. Think about ways to add colors like outdoor curtains and even lighting. Remember your outdoor patio should transition from day to night, so don’t forget these fun nighttime elements.



5. Mix in Some Green

Last but not least, what outdoor porch would be complete without some greenery? Plants are huge in design nowadays, and what better way to showcase them than on your patio? Plants liven up your space and add a touch of the outdoors.


When looking for patio plants, make sure you’re choosing something suited for your climate. Also, make sure it’s the right size and that it won’t overgrow into your furniture and decor.



Creating a Dream Outdoor Patio

Even if your outdoor patio is small, it can still be a buyer’s dream patio. Creating a staged space that speaks to potential homebuyers isn’t always easy, but it’s a huge part of drumming up interest in your home.


If you’ve been looking for the finishing touches to add to your space before you put your home on the market, this is it. Don’t ignore your porch when it could be helping you sell your home. These staging tips for small outdoor porches will have the offers flooding in sooner than you know it.

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