Did you know that more than 20% of Las Vegas homeowners were underwater in 2015? The effects of the recession are lasting, but we can be your saving grace. Whether you are behind on payments, late on property taxes, or tired of the code violations from holding a vacant property, we want to make you a fast cash offer in NV.

Cash Home Buyers Vegas

We buy houses for cash, and we close quickly. House in disrepair? That is never a problem as we buy houses in any condition. Bad neighborhood? We can work with it. Bad tenants? We will evict them, and put cash in your pocket. Inherited a house, but realized it was a liability? Turn your equity into cash, with an offer in under 24 hours, and a closing possibly in as little as 3 days.

In 2016, over 7,000 homes in Las Vegas sat on the MLS without a single offer. While those houses sat there, they were racking up holding costs. On top of that, when the home finally does sell (if it sells at all), they are hit with a large commission by their Realtor. If they had sold their home to a real estate invesor like us, they would have had an offer in less than a single day, and could have closed with no fees to the seller whatsoever.

According to the Zillow Home Value Index, the median home price in Las Vegas, Nevada is over $200,000. What’s more, it is still rising. These inflated prices may account for the thousands on unsold homes on the Multiple Listing Service. Is there a bubble in Vegas? Yes. When the bubble pops, you can lose your shirt. Homes can literally go under the value of what you owe the mortgage company, making in impossible to sell your home without a short sale.

In other words, don’t wait on the market to help you. Sell your house fast in Vegas by calling toll free at (877)-990-7774, or submit your property on this page. 2017 is a time for change, and we can give you the highest cash offer for your home in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson NV.

Stop Foreclosure & Save Your Credit

When you accept a fast cash offer from us, we get the financial situation under control immediately. The notice of default you received in the mail becomes a distant memory, and we take on the financial burden of your wanted property currently in ‘Lis Pendens’ status.

What We Offer:

  • We can purchase any home in any condition
  • We pay all fees include closing costs
  • No surprises, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll receive
  • Zero pressure process
  • Pick your move out date that’s most convenient for you


Sell hassle free, with no listings, showings, or repairs.

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Get the answers to the most common questions

Where is National Cash Offer buying homes?

Currently, National Cash Offer is buying homes in the Phoenix, and Las Vegas markets. We personally know these markets well as we have personally purchased, listed, flipped, and sold homes in these markets for the past 5 years. This allows us to make selling your home an easy process.

How fast can I close?

Since we are the buyer, we purchase the home directly from you this allow us to close in a matter of days. This is the same type of process as selling a home to an all cash home buyer.

Do I have to list my home?

The answer is no.  That’s right,  you don’t have to worry about listing it on the market, because we purchase the home directly from you in the same condition it sits now.

National Cash Offer is here to help you answer your questions and make you a fair offer on your home. Give us a call or fill out a quick form and start the process of selling your home today!

National Cash Offer

National Cash Offer is a real estate solutions firm providing a convenient way to sell a home or property. Our process is painless, transparent, and honest with the end goal of helping homeowners sell their home fast.


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