Short Sale Pros and Cons for Sellers

When we say short sale, we’re not referring to the length of time it takes to sell a home. Instead, the short refers to the fact that the purchase price of the home is less than what the [...]


What Is Short-Selling A Home?

Sometimes, tough times in our lives arise. When these moments come along, it becomes necessary to make adjustments. Sometimes people find out that it can be difficult to pay their mortgages on [...]


Preforeclosure: What Is It and How Does It Work?

People who don’t make their mortgage payments on time may receive a letter from their lender letting them know that their property is going into preforeclosure. Those who do not take action [...]


Is It Safe To Buy a Home In Foreclosure?

You’ve been keeping your eye on a certain neighborhood in your area. It’s filled with the kind of homes that you’ve dreamed of owning. One day as you are driving past, you see [...]


What can you do when your house is in pre-foreclosure?

Are you having trouble paying your mortgage? You are far from being the only one. With unemployment at a record high, many people are faced with difficult decisions when comes the time to pay [...]


Tips for How to Navigate Buying Foreclosed Properties

A foreclosed is a house or home put on sale by a bank, government or lenders after taking the ownership from the owner who cannot continue to pay their homes or mortgages. The reasons related to [...]


The Real Cost Of Foreclosure: And Which States Need To Worry About It

Sometimes homeowners find themselves in a financial bind and unable to pay their home loan. Often this leads to the difficult decision of foreclosing on their home. But this is a serious [...]


How Does A Foreclosure Auction Work?

Interested in attending a foreclosure auction?   After a foreclosure, banks may sell the property at a foreclosure auction. These auctions help the banks make back their money after the [...]


How to Work Out Terms With Your Lender

When you hear the term “workout,” your mind might immediately jump to your gym routine. In fact, in the terms of a mortgage, “working out” with your lender takes on an [...]


How to Avoid an Expensive Foreclosure

If you’re experiencing housing troubles and you’re not sure how to continue paying your mortgage, you’re not alone. In a recent survey of almost 7,600 adults in the United [...]

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