How To Prep Your Home For a Sale

Before you list your home the traditional real estate market, you might have to make improvements to your home. Buyers want turnkey or move-in ready homes. Making sure that your home is up to [...]


How To Sell A Sustainable Home

With Spring on the horizon, many people are looking for ways to make their homes greener. While many people believe that to create a greener home, you need to invest thousands in solar panels or [...]


10 Steps on How to Perfectly Organize Your Pantry for Your Home

Organizing a pantry is now the trend that people are applying in the kitchen; the kitchen will be clean, spacious and manageable.   If you want a perfectly arranged kitchen make use of the [...]


How To Determine If My Offer On A Home Was Too Low

It’s not the greatest feeling when you make an offer on a home and then hear nothing back. Radio silence from the seller is never a good sign and knowing what to do in response to this situation [...]


Who Can You Trust When Selling An Inherited Home?

If you inherit a property from a loved one, you have to choose between a number of options. Do you move in? Should you rent out the property? Should you sell the home?   It’s common for [...]


How To Remove Wallpaper From Your Walls and Home

There is no reason to leave that old or worn wallpaper up one day longer.  Make today the day that you take down the aged wallpaper and improve the look of your home.  Here’s how to do it. [...]


How and Why You Get Your Money Back When Refinancing

Refinancing your mortgage can be a great financial move. However, it can also be an expensive one. When you take a new mortgage, which is the case when you are refinancing your home, you need to [...]


How To Fireproof Your Home

Fire has been a huge topic the past year with all the devastation that has been caused in California. Other locations are also prone to wildfires that could put your home in danger. There’s no [...]


Does the Home You’re Buying Have a Notorious Past?

You want to learn as much as you can about your home before you buy, and you always ask the “right” questions. Were there any recent improvements? What major repairs were done in the past few [...]


What To Do If Your Home Is Damaged During Escrow

If your home is in escrow, significant damage to its exterior, interior or structure is just about the worst case scenario.  You probably spent months hunting for the perfect house.  You [...]

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