What To Do When Your Garage Door Is Broken

Part of homeownership is taking care of your home via regular maintenance and repairs. By keeping your home in great condition, you can preserve its value and get as much money as possible if you [...]


What To Know About Taxes As A Homeowner

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North Texas Home Prices are on the Rise

Based on the number that has come in from the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University and the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems September of 2017 saw an increase of 3% in the [...]


Divorce: Selling the Property You Own Together

The most amicable of divorces involve a separation of assets.  The most simple of divorce cases still often take months to settle, add in property and it could take years to complete the entire [...]


Downsizing for Retirement

As we approach retirement age we have to start thinking about our next home less like an investment and more like a living expense.     Likely you’ll only purchase one home after you retire. [...]