Things Banks Check Before Making A Mortgage Loan

Before you buy your new home, one of the biggest steps you have to take it applying and being approved for a mortgage. So, unless you happen to have enough cash lying around to buy a house [...]


What Is A Mortgage Orphan and What To Do If You Are One?

An orphan mortgage is a title given to a mortgage that is up for renewal, and one the present lender has no concern in renewing. When you’re in this situation it might be as a result of [...]


Should I Pay Points on My Home Loan?

What are points and how do they relate to your home mortgage? Whenever you take out a home mortgage, even if you’re just refinancing an existing home loan, your lender will most likely [...]


What Are “Lender Overlays”?

Government agencies such as the Federal Housing Administration(FHA) set forth specific mortgage guidelines. One example would be to qualify for a loan the FHA allows a minimum credit score of [...]


What Questions To Ask Mortgage Lenders

Obtaining a mortgage loan isn’t necessarily a breezy process. For that reason, you should have a list of questions at hand to give you a head start when you enter the lender’s office. Here are [...]


How Long Does It Take To Close On A Home Mortgage?

Once you find the perfect home, you’ll likely want to jump on the opportunity as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already secured financing, you may end up missing your chance. [...]


How To Protect Your Information When Applying For A Mortgage

The most vital information is often given out when applying for a mortgage for a home. Due to this, it can be scary knowing that your information may not be safe during this process. The [...]


How Important Is The Title Company?

One of the most popular questions we get is, “How do I choose a title company for my mortgage transaction?” We am often asked about title company fees and how and if the prices can [...]


Do I Need To Notify My Mortgage Company Before Renting My Home Out?

Renting out your home can be a great opportunity to earn passive income. Whether you invested in a property with the intention of turning it into a rental property or you choose to rent out your [...]


Housing Mortgages 101

We know that most of our homeowners are looking to buy their 1st home. As you prepare to take this step, it’s important to understand some of the language involved in buying and then making the [...]

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