What’s the Difference Between a Bank Mortgage or a Mortgage Broker?

If you’ve been doing some online research for your new mortgage, you’ve likely run across both banks mortgages and mortgage brokers. Most people don’t understand the difference between the two, [...]


How Do You Sell Your Home That Is Worth Less Than The Mortgage? 

If you are considering selling your house yet owe more on your mortgage loan than the home is actually worth, you should know you are not alone.  Plenty of people end up owing more than their [...]


Is It Possible To Refinance Your Home Without Paying Large Fees?

Refinancing your home is an excellent way to reduce your month payments and decrease your long-term interest rates. As you continue to work and pay off your mortgage, you increase your credit [...]


Can I Buy a Home With No Credit Score?

In the United States, there’s a big stigma around credit scores. We’re constantly barraged with messages from financial institutions, money blogs, and other so-called experts that [...]


What Are Mortgage Points and How Can They Hurt Me?

In the world of real estate and in the world of buying a home, you may have heard of what mortgage rates are or what they can be. Or maybe you have just heard the phrase before. Either way [...]


How To Find An Unbeatable Mortgage Rate

Although there are numerous ways to find the best unbeatable mortgage rates, it requires a bit more research and work for you to do. The best and most common way to get an unbeatable mortgage [...]


How Important Is The Title Company?

One of the most popular questions we get is, “How do I choose a title company for my mortgage transaction?” We am often asked about title company fees and how and if the prices can [...]


How To Sell A Mobile Home While Having A Mortgage

Surprisingly, many people own mobile homes. Though mobile homes are more common to own, many people are also in a situation where they want to move on to something else. Whether it’s a home [...]


Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Most people who have a mortgage question whether they are better off paying it down as soon as possible or putting their hard-earned money into other investments.  This is an age-old question [...]


Housing Mortgages 101

We know that most of our homeowners are looking to buy their 1st home. As you prepare to take this step, it’s important to understand some of the language involved in buying and then making the [...]

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