The Top 5 Cities to Rent a Home Instead of Buying

Renting has earned itself a bad reputation in the United States. If you’re renting, you’ve probably been told that you’re “throwing money away” or not building [...]


How to Break Your Lease Successfully

Breaking your lease can be scary. Maybe you’ve just landed a dream job across the country or you suddenly need to move back home to help your family. No matter the reason, sometimes [...]


How Can You Avoid a Rent Increase When Renting?

In this day and age, more Americans are postponing buying a home and choosing to rent. There are a lot of advantages of renting, like having more freedom to move when you want and not needing to [...]


5 Important Things To Consider Before Listing Your Home On Airbnb

Airbnb has taken the world of vacationing by storm and is even gearing up for an initial public offering on the stock market later this year. An attractive and relatively easy way for homeowners [...]


Can You Rent Out A Room In Your House?

Short answer, yes!   Incoming longer answer…Some cities, however, have limits on how many non-related residents you may have inside your home at once. These regulations can be through [...]


Should a Recent College Grad Buy or Rent a Home?

Graduating college is a stressful enough time without also worrying about what comes next. Some students are actively chasing the American Dream in hopes of buying a home immediately after [...]


Do I Need To Notify My Mortgage Company Before Renting My Home Out?

Renting out your home can be a great opportunity to earn passive income. Whether you invested in a property with the intention of turning it into a rental property or you choose to rent out your [...]


How To Protect Your Vacant Rental Property

Your vacant rental property needs protection just like your primary home.  Though you will not be located at your vacant rental home throughout the majority of the year, you can be proactive and [...]


Are You Wasting Your Money When Renting?

Since the financial crisis of 2008, more and more Americans are buying homes. As the market recovers and homes become more affordable, this seems like a great trend at first glance. However, out [...]


What To Do If Your Close To Eviction

If you find yourself near eviction then this must be a very scary time for you and your family. The stress can seem overwhelming but we’re here to tell you that it’s going to be okay. Many people [...]

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