What Taxes Must You Pay When Selling a Home?

The idea of earning a fair amount of profit from a successful home sale may sound exciting. However, when you consider the taxes you must pay for selling your home, the idea can quickly move to [...]


Deciding How To Sell Your Home

While many people think they can just list their home on a random website and call it a day, the selling process isn’t quite that simple. Similar to buying your very first home, there can [...]


How To Set A Timeline For Selling Your Home

Selling a home is not something that you want to do in a hurry. Of course, circumstances change, and sometimes it’s not possible to have that same planning and preparation. Of course, if [...]


Top 5 Tips For Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

Have you been considering selling your home without the help of a qualified real estate agent? Getting rid of a realtor can help you save upwards of 6% on commissions. If you sell your home for [...]


How To Tour Houses in Sacramento during Coronavirus

House sales have sharply reduced during the Coronavirus pandemic due to fears and lockdowns. There are hardly any open house viewings currently as more people are following the government [...]


The best ways to sell your house in Sherman Texas

If you have recently decided to sell your house in Sherman Texas, then you have probably found out that it isn’t as easy as it seems. This is usually because most people don’t even know how and [...]


How to sell your house and move with a blended family

In recent years, shows like Modern Family and The Fosters have brought public attention to the concept of ‘blended families.’ A blended family is when two partners make a life together with [...]


Sealing and Insulating Your Home’s Ductwork

Every homeowner should know how to seal and insulate ductwork.  However, the truth is few people are aware ductwork requires sealing and insulation.  Most people assume ductwork will function [...]


Ways a Floor Plan Will Help Sell Your Home

Floor plans are important. In fact, they’re so important they can help you sell your house faster. It’s no surprise that you want your home to stand out, appeal to buyers, and do well [...]


What to Do If a Seller Backs Out of a Home Deal

You’ve fallen in love with the home of your dreams. You think everything is going perfectly, and you’re steadily moving towards your closing. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the [...]

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